generate traffic with backlinks

How to generate traffic with the backlinks?

How to generate traffic with the backlinks? 800 445

How to generate traffic with backlinks

The backlinks are a factor taken into account for your ranking in the search results. If you want to improve your website’s SEO and get relevant organic traffic, you need to have backlinks – the more backlinks your website has from authoritative domains, the higher your reputation will be in the eyes of Google.

These days, link building does not have a very good reputation, and it is often associated with spamming. But it shouldn’t be, and there are solutions to avoid falling into this trap.

You can build backlinks using smart techniques, without having to spam other sites. If you are in a niche, getting quality backlinks can be a challenge.

Below we’ll see 5 ways to generate traffic with backlinks and to make link building relevant, using ethical strategies.

1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging remains one of the best ways to get your voice heard on the Internet. You can tap into established audiences and connect with others within your niche. It is a technique for gaining fans on social media, building quality backlinks while driving traffic to your site.

Contrary to popular belief, guest blogging existed long before Google started using backlinks as a ranking factor. Indeed, “guest posts” started when blogging became popular.

Google itself accepts guest contributors on its own blog, so there’s no reason to worry about a penalty, as long as your guest posts aren’t spammy.

If you want to publish an article, it must be of high quality. At least as good as the content you post on your own site, if not better.

2. Appear on directories and review sites

Yes, the directories are out of date, no one consults them anymore… And yet!

Listing your website in online directories is one of the easiest ways to generate traffic from backlinks. Obviously all directories are not created equal and you must ensure the quality of the directories in which you wish to appear. It is recommended to target the reference sites of your industry, as well as the most recognized directories.

Review sites are another great source of traffic. Visitors who consult them have already passed the awareness and consideration phases of the purchasing journey. They have reached the decision-making phase, during which they compare different solutions, brands, etc. This is the perfect time to present your company’s services to them and provide them with the social proof they are looking for: positive customer reviews, an active company that responds to its customers, even dissatisfied ones …

3. Create backlinks with infographics

For a few years now, infographics have been the subject of numerous backlink creations: who has never come across an article containing an infographic, taking care to place a link to the original source?

Important sites like Mashable, The Verge, The Huffington Post are not mistaken and regularly publish infographics: readers love it. Very easy to share, they are widely published on social networks.

If you are not a graphic designer, you can hire someone whose job it is to create graphics on Coder.

4. Make your content known and promoted everywhere

Quality content won’t get external links if no one knows it exists. You need to do your best to find people who are willing to link to your content and share it on social media.

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5. Broken links building

This technique involves finding dead outgoing links on a website, notifying the publisher, while providing them with a replacement link (which leads to your site).

This is a very effective technique because it benefits both publishers and anyone looking to increase their number of external links.

Publishers don’t want broken outbound links on their site because they give users a bad experience – they click on a link and expect to find a resource, but come across a 404 page. Also this can have an effect negative on SEO because search bots use these links to understand the relevance and authority of a piece of content. When a link is broken, it doesn’t provide additional context, which can negatively impact its long-term SEO results.

You just need to use tools like Ahrefs or Moz to explore pages or sites that you covet and have dead backlinks on. If you don’t have relevant replacement content, write it down and contact the publisher to offer to replace this broken link with your own.


Backlinks are very useful our website to grow because it helps to drive traffic to our website and increases brand authority. These are some smart techniques to build backlinks without having spam to other sites. Hope you liked this article.

graphics tablet

How did graphics tablet change the profession of designer?

How did graphics tablet change the profession of designer? 800 445

A graphics tablet is a pointing device. It is used to draw graphs, diagrams, drawings, and handwritten text by hand. In the era of the electronic revolution, it is of great use to the designer. Graphics tablets have indeed given a more modern and professional dimension to the profession of designer. Let’s follow this guide to find out more.

Usefulness of the graphic tablet for the designer

The designer paints an object by drawing before its creation. He makes diagrams and sketches on a graphic tablet . Computer software will then make it possible to define and produce prototypes. The purpose of the object represented is its marketing. The designer can use paper for this. What is done less and less nowadays. Today, the designer uses more computer software (DAO, CAD, etc…). The computer and the mouse are therefore involved. As technology has evolved, both professional and amateur designers today refer to the graphics tablet. She took the place of the mouse and gave a new face to the profession. It Stimulates the productivity and creativity of the designer. For any graphic creation, it is more suitable than the mouse.

Practicality of the graphics tablet

A lot of parameters allow to say that the graphics tablet is really practical. It should be adopted by all designers now.

Possibility of control

The capital advantage of a graphics tablet is its stylus . All graphic tablet models have a pen. Their sensitivity allows you to have perfect control when drawing on the work surface . The desired modifications are therefore easily carried out. The designer controls his drawing with exactness and precision . This facility is not offered to him by a mouse.

Good pressure

On a tablet, the work surface is very sensitive to pressure . Thicker or thinner lines are therefore obtained by pressing or releasing the pressure. It depends on the desired effect. The designer therefore no longer needs to change line options in programs before redrawing a detail. In addition to gaining creativity, it also saves time .

Great speed

Many tablets are equipped with easily configurable auxiliary buttons and shortcuts . Certain elements of the image can therefore be deleted, copied or pasted in a few movements. You save more time by no longer clicking in various places with the mouse . Tablet shortcuts are compatible with many programs. Easy to install , wireless models of graphics tablets even offer remote working possibilities . The changes made can be viewed in real time.

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A traditional working method

The designer can directly use the integrated screens of tablets that have them. It gives the feeling of working on paper or canvas . It is therefore easy to draw by drawing on the hand and the eye . Waste of time generated by the transfer of creations is thus avoided.

Overall, we can say that graphics tablets have become part of the daily life of creators. The variety of privileges they offer have made them inevitable. They have significantly revolutionized the profession of designer. Are you a drawing professional? Or do you aspire to become one? So don’t hesitate to get your graphics tablet!

Minimizes stress injuries:

It is one of the main benefits of using graphic tablet because it comes with pen and plug and play option. You can simply hold the pen and work on the tablet like you are writing something. It is easy to draw on its smooth screen without any stress. The graphics tablet has become one of the most important parts in designer’s life.

Improves drawing motion:

Graphic tablets other benefit in drawing curves and small detailed parts which cannot be done with mouse. Designers who use graphic tablet can design complex drawings with its pen, because the pen doesn’t put more pressure on the graphic tablet screen. With its amazing and surprising benefits graphic tablet has become the important part for designers.

Has Lot of custom settings:

Graphic tablet has lot of custom settings to do before you work. If you have never used the graphic tablet and new to use the one then it might take some time to go through the settings and setup it according to your needs. Once you got the idea you can easily work on the graphic tablet without hassles. It is not that hard it is easy to install, save time and you must have a desire to work.


In this article you have learned how graphics tablet change the life of a designer with its amazing benefits. It is easy to use and time saving. It will also help in drawings which are detailed, complex, small and curved. If you are drawing professional then get the one for you. Hope you liked the article.


best online video editing software free

Best Online Video Editing Software For Free USA 2021

Best Online Video Editing Software For Free USA 2021 800 445

In the age of social networks, digital technology is an essential way to promote a product, service or activity. Whether you are an individual or a company, making yourself known on the Internet requires the creation of content adapted to the needs and habits of consumers. And for that, video is certainly the most consistent medium. Thanks to the best online video editing software free, it is now accessible to everyone. Explanations.

Video, a medium that has become essential

If the website is the foundation of all digital communication, it is no longer sufficient to disseminate information. Indeed, with the exponential growth of social networks , companies, like individuals, who wish to make themselves known must necessarily use simple, creative and eye-catching vectors. And in a world where the smartphone has become the primary medium for the dissemination of information, it is in video that the fame spread.

This is why video is today an essential tool . At the same time accessible, artistic and saleswoman, the video makes it possible to reach a large number of targets while creating a coherent communication with the profile of your targets. Whether it’s to feed an Instagram account, to create Facebook ads or to expand a YouTube channel, online video editing is a necessary skill. And with free, easy-to-use online video editing software free, you can finally reach a wider audience.

Create video like a pro with online editing software

However, editing is a profession in its own right. It therefore requires a certain artistic sensitivity but also and above all technical skills which are not within the reach of just anyone. Faced with this observation, certain specialized players have chosen to offer innovative solutions that make it possible to simplify the creation of content . Thanks to these intuitive tools, it is now possible to design videos from A to Z, while using the most advanced editing techniques.

We think in particular of, a free online editing software that is very easy to use. All you have to do is drag content, photos, videos, texts or audio into a timeline and then use the various features of the platform to create high quality and always personalized content. In addition, the user can rely on a gigantic bank of video and audio files to polish his creation and disseminate information effectively.

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Benefits of online editing software

With online editing software, you can not only create videos from many resources but it is above all very easy to use features of all kinds to refine the visual rendering of your productions. This is one of the major advantages of this type of tool, which makes professional quality accessible to all Internet users, while offering maximum customization and without requiring any editing skills .

For example, we can easily crop and cut unnecessary passages of content imported into the software, divide videos or on the contrary combine them to make one. We can also easily rotate, crop, balance colors or add backgrounds to the raw material. To streamline the presentation, you can create transitions in a few clicks and even insert sound, images or text to videos. An ideal tool therefore to make yourself known in its best light!

If you are a newbie then the video editing software will help you work remotely and make videos professional with its amazing features. To create a video you must use an editor which helps to make professional videos. By practicing you will get used to use the software which helps in time maintaining and increases productivity. The advanced editor will help in making attractive graphics and videos.

Using Video editor with templates

It is one of the easiest thing for the beginners because you will have ready to make video templates which helps to edit the video easier and faster. You just have to make some changes such as change the text or image and the product will be ready for you. By using the templates you will get the professional video with transitions, music and extra stock the templates have. Using free online video editor will provide so many things in a video to edit. In a pro version you will get more features but the free editor also can make a professional video if you got the idea of creating awesome videos.


Most of the companies use video editing software for marketing, because these day videos are converting more than text. Make awesome videos and grab your audience attention to grow your brand. Video editor can be come in use for either small businesses or big organizations, as it converts a lot and increases productivity.


control your image on the net

Control your image on the net with quality photos USA 2021

Control your image on the net with quality photos USA 2021 800 445

Control your image on the net with quality photos

It is essential to take care of your image to be valued on the net. The photos published reflect your personality and can be seen by a large number of Internet users in record time. Neglected photos can quickly deteriorate your image. Bain de Lumière offers its services to improve your profile on social networks.

Bath of light, the photographer to convey your brand image

It is a service provider specializing in professional photography, located in Puteaux. The session will take place in a comfortable and highly equipped studio. You will be taken care of by a qualified photographer, who masters all the shots for this type of shooting.

The goal is to showcase your motivation and determination through carefully taken pictures. To do this, he will be able to advise you on the posture and attitude to adopt. You have the choice between several shooting styles, depending on the desired use of the photos. You can opt for a CV portrait shoot if you want to update your profile picture .

A worthy photo to stand out with a CV

By entrusting the task to Bain de lumière, you will stand out from the candidates and recruiters will quickly take an interest in the content of your file. A professional CV photo photographer will take care of you personally. You will put all the chances on your side by boosting your CV or your Linkedin profile with attractive photos.

You will thus control your image on the net with quality photos by having even more confidence in yourself. This option includes a bust shoot, with viewing on screen at the end of the session. Bain de Lumière also offers you to update your profiles on social networks, such as Facebook and dating sites .

A photo shoot outside or at home

Apart from the studio shoot, you can opt for an outdoor or at home shoot . For an outdoor session, you will be joined by a professional photographer, in a location defined in advance. The departments which are part of the zones covered by Bain de Lumière are 92, 95, 78 and 75. The session can then be done in these different places, according to your convenience.

The photographer will use the chosen location to serve as a background for the shots. He will give you advice throughout the session to keep you comfortable and confident. He will be equipped with his professional equipment and will use his know-how to take pictures worthy of major magazines.

The shooting process

You are free to choose your outfit, as long as it looks good on you. If you do not want to travel, Bain de Lumière offers a session at home. The photographer will come to your home with his high-tech equipment. This will avoid any hassles that might arise along the way when accessing the studio, such as traffic jams and bad weather. There is no risk that the session will be canceled.

You will have plenty of time to prepare well before D-Day. Once you arrive at your home, the photographer will quickly install his equipment. The one-day model shoot is part of Bain de Lumière’s offers. It can be done at home so you can use your best outfits without having to move them.

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A beautiful shot for dating sites

By using the clichés for a dating site , it will not take long for you to make new acquaintances, so your photos will be irresistible. By posting them on Facebook, you will generate reactions from other members, who will be dazzled by the quality of your photos. Allow about 1 hour of time to complete this session.

No less than 80 takes will be taken to have as many choices as possible. At the end of it, all the takes will be viewed on screen in order to make the selection. After 15 days after the session, 6 optimized HD photos will be provided to you. You can purchase other additional photos if needed. Bain de Lumière opens its doors to you from Monday to Friday, and offers its optional services on weekends.

Here is the article for controlling the image on the net with quality photos. Hope you like the article. Posting proper content on social platforms helps increasing followers, so make sure to post quality photos that can be easily attracted.

republishing tools to boost old posts

Blog: 4 republishing tools to boost your old posts

Blog: 4 republishing tools to boost your old posts 800 445

Blog:4 Republishing tools to boost your old posts.

Creating brand new articles on a regular basis is the foundation of a successful and healthy blog.

However, it is still very useful to reuse its content, for at least 2 reasons:

  • It is sometimes difficult to find ideas for new and original texts;
  • Some old content may not have had the success expected at the time and deserve a new lease of life.

But bringing old articles out of the closet is only the first step, the main thing being to promote this content to offer them visibility and reach a large audience.

However, reposting blog posts on social networks or promoting them by email can be long and laborious. This is why there are tools specially dedicated to this task. Here are those republishing tools to boost your old posts.

1. Missinglettr

Missinglettr is a very handy tool that automatically sets up social media campaigns to promote your articles for an entire year.

So you just have to focus on writing or finding relevant old content and let Missinglettr repost your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +.

But not everything is 100% automatic, since you can customize your marketing campaigns by:

  • Customizing the hashtags that will be used in posts about an article;
  • Easily modify the content and image of each post (the tool automatically makes suggestions and you can change them very quickly);
  • Adjusting the frequency of reposting or pausing the campaign if necessary.

The free version is sufficient to republish your old publications, but you can opt for the paid version to open access to another user for example.

2. Repost Elokenz

Repost Elokenz analyzes each of your content, gathered in the “library”, to determine the best time to republish them while maximizing the chances of going viral.

You only have to define your editorial calendar to indicate to Repost Elokenz the times when it should republish your content and the tool will take care of promoting your old articles. It is also responsible for analyzing the fallout to adapt future republications.

For each article, however, you can customize:

  • the cut-off date by which it will no longer be reposted;
  • the text of the publication;
  • the associated image.

To use the tool, you will need to subscribe to one of the three paid plans offered (the cheapest being priced at $ 7). A 30-day trial version is planned so that you can test the solution before subscribing.

Repost is compatible with Facebook, Twitter  and LinkedIn.

3. Revive Old Post

Revive Old Post is a WordPress plugin allowing, as its name suggests, to revive your old articles.

Easy to use, it allows in particular to configure:

  • The frequency of reposting on social networks;
  • The hashtags to use for each content;
  • Exclude certain posts or categories that you do not want to republish …
  • Automatic publication of articles on social networks
  • Publication monitoring and traffic analysis

The plugin is free, but there is a PRO version which gives access to more features.

The free version allows you to automatically share posts from Facebook and Twitter pages only. The PRO version allows access to more social networks (Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn…).

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4. Republish Old Posts

Republish Old Posts is another very simple WordPress plugin: it allows you to update the publication date of your old posts.

They are thus found in one of your blog and are again distributed in your RSS feeds, allowing them to be promoted to your audience.

The date changes, but the URL remains the same and the old comments are kept.

The pro version allows you to configure the interval between publications, how and when they will be republished.

5. Falcon

Falcon is one of the most important to work which provides scheduled content on multiple social networks. It has content calendar which allow post, schedule, plan and edit directly. It also supports images, videos, stories and carousels. It has a media library called “content pool” where you can store all your data. It offers two plans.


Well, here are the best tools that help you boost your old blog posts and drive traffic. These tools help to promote posts on social networks and reach large audience. Hope you like this article.

profession of a web developer

All about the profession of web developer USA 2021

All about the profession of web developer USA 2021 800 445

All about the profession of web developer.

Whether it is for redesigning or creating websites , more and more companies are using the services of an IT developer. The latter supports companies in order to boost their presence on the Internet. Currently, it is highly sought after in the market, and therefore, it is difficult to find it. He practices his profession within a Web agency, freelance or in business.

All about the profession of a web developer:

What is web developer?

A web developer is a person who creates and designs websites using coding languages such as HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT. It involves advanced programming and complex coding to make fully functional websites. A web developer has different tasks to do such as programming, configuring the servers and databases.

There are three types of web developers, front-end developers, backend developers and full stack developers.

Front-end developers:

They code the website which the users will see by using the HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT languages. Front end development is also known as the client side development. These developers also use content management system (CMS) like wordpress.

Backend developers:

Back end developers code the website where the users don’t see, configure server, databases and use advance programming languages such as PHP, Ruby, Java and SQL.

Full stack developers:

They work on both side front end and back end. Full stack developers have complete understanding about both sides HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and advanced programming, databases, server and APIs.

How much does a web developer earn?

It depends on the many factors, such as region, profile, training, knowledge, and experience of the employee. It ranges from $ 26,000 – $ 45,000 gross per year and $ 2,500 per month.

What does the job of a web developer consist of?

It is also known by other names: computer programmer, computer developer or computer scientist. Above all, this Web professional supports any company in its digital transition . He is, in fact, able to master the latest programming languages and program scripts . He also improves and designs computer software . Its objective is to develop web interfaces adapted to the image of the brand. It can be web applications, websites, online tools, etc. To carry out his missions, he performs his tasks step by step.

First, he analyzes his client’s project and its objective. They will discuss together to develop a clear idea of ​​what is doable. Of course, he takes customer suggestions into account. Its objective is to meet the expectations of the future website of the company with which it works. He does not hesitate to offer e-commerce solutions adapted to the entity’s request, for example. It also does not fail to detail the various technical aspects that will be implemented through a quote. Regarding the design of the client’s website, he must respect the specifications.

Why hire an independent service provider?

Today, companies prefer to hire a freelance web developer . First of all, he is used to working with fewer resources. It offers better service than web agencies, for example. He works, in fact, for his own account. This allows it to offer a personalized service and to charge less than an entire structure. Contacting this professional is the assurance of making considerable savings. It is also an opportunity to access a much larger market. The client company will thus see its expenses reduced. He can now compete with the many freelance platforms such as fiverr, upwork and other freelance platforms. An independent service provider also creates sites much faster than large companies.

In addition, the creation process turns out to be more rational, given that it is a one-person entity. This specialist works very flexible hours. For example, it is possible to ask him to add a new home page to the site at any time. The company also escapes hiring employees and lengthy meetings during normal business hours. If ever the relationship between the two parties is not good for whatever reason, just cut the ties and hire another Freelancer. Since the freelance developer works from home, the expenses are limited as there is no need to cover overhead costs.

How to manage client’s expectations?

To manage client’s expectations is one of the biggest challenges because the web developer had to make a website which makes sale for the clients. As it is a highly competitive industry you need to put some hard work to meet client’s expectations.

First a developer should know all about the mission of a company organization. Once he know about it, then he must start designing the layout. He should take the content and images from the clients and design it according to the needs of a client’s website. One of the important points to meet client’s expectations is having good communication skills, because the work starts first by communicating itself. There must be a proper understanding between the client and developer. While communicating with the client only he can get the idea about the mission of client’s organization.

What are the skills of a web developer?

A web developer must have the knowledge in different programming languages. He should have a desire to learn, the web developer job is not easy because it includes advanced programming and is very challenging. He should have a creative and problem solving mindset as the code in website making is long. A developer should understand best seo practices to use in code and have to make responsive designs. He should be master in all various tools to be used for website.


Here is the article that tells all about the profession of a web developer. Hope you liked this article. If you want to become a web developer and have a constant desire to learn then just go for it.

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writing tips for your instagram posts

8 Writing Tips for your Instagram Posts USA 2021

8 Writing Tips for your Instagram Posts USA 2021 800 445

You often focus your efforts on Instagram photos, videos, and stories. Here you will learn writing tips for your Instagram posts.

However, the text has pride of place on the social network and it is often the latter that hits the mark with users to generate a significant number of interactions.

So there is the art and the way of writing on Instagram. Finding your style, your catchphrases and impactful call-to-actions is as essential as choosing the right visual.

Writing Tips for your Instagram posts:

1. Find your style

All writing should adopt the most relevant tone possible. How to judge its relevance will you tell us?

Simply by identifying who your audience is. The age, gender, geographic location of your subscribers are all factors to take into account to adapt your editorial style.

We won’t write a post in the same way for a street food restaurant targeting 16-35 year olds, or for a luxury brand that addresses CSP + couples in their fifties.

2. Master the art of hashtags

You can’t talk about an Instagram caption without mentioning the hashtags. These are both the DNA of the social network and a formidable lever of virality.

Here are some rules to follow when using your hashtags:

  • Place them lower in your text so as not to interfere with the reading of your post or as the first comment.
  • Limit yourself to ten hashtags.
  • Vary your hashtags with each post.
  • Do some research on the trending topics of the moment and the hashtags of the day or the topic on which you are writing

3. Use emojis and take care of the shape of your post

In addition to the background, the layout of your post can make it easier to read.

After the first three lines that deserve to be condensed to be read, consider going to the line to ventilate your post and improve its readability.

Remember that spaces between lines will be removed upon posting. So think about putting one or more points for example if you want to move your hashtags away from your main text.

Finally, be creative and regularly use emoticons to add color and vibrancy to your text. These playful icons and characters convey emotion and are a source of engagement with your readers.

4. Build engagement

Your publication should not be detached or journalist. If you’re reaching out to your community and expecting feedback from them, get them:

  • Express an opinion and encourage your followers to express theirs;
  • Ask a question at the end of the post;
  • Ask for help or tips on a given topic;
  • Ask your fans to tag someone;
  • Take a survey.

Don’t assume that reactions are 100% spontaneous. People are better able to govern when asked a question, and that’s okay.

5. Be concise

In general, write concise posts (3 lines) .

Sometimes you will want to share an experience or express yourself on a topic that is close to your heart. Then you can take more space for your publication.

Did you know ?

Although you have 2,200 characters to express yourself in the caption, your post will be truncated from three lines of text. Your teaser and the context of your post must therefore be at the start of the post.

6. Adopt microblogging

Why should Instagram posts be elusive or frivolous?

This is the big trend for 2019, the social network is becoming a microblogging platform that distributes more and more content with high added value.

  • the tutorials: cooking recipe, tech, makeup, marketing advice;
  • tips and advice;
  • good addresses and the story of an experience in a hotel or restaurant that you loved;
  • a summary of a conference or trade show you attended.

7. Do some storytelling

This technique well known to editors is no exception on Instagram, quite the contrary. Storytelling is a great way to engage your fans behind the scenes of your brand.

You can tell the story of your business there.

Moreover, do not hesitate to take a leap in time to return to the premises of the brand and share information exclusive to your community.

8. Create a sense of urgency

Do you know the ” fear of missing out” (FOMO) to translate by the fear of missing something?

Widely used in sales, it is also a great teaser to generate enthusiasm for your post.

For this, use emergency formulas like:

  • Tomorrow all your colleagues will be talking about the new season of Casa Del Papel, and you?
  • Don’t be the girl who doesn’t have the latest sea green swimsuit, the summer trend
  • What if you only have a few hours left to …

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Editors, community manager, Instagram is a new space for expression to be handled brilliantly. Even short, each post must be worked with all the essential elements of virality.


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