The importance of creating a personal brand to be able to sell

The Personal brand is today a very important way and the best cover letter that a person or a company can have.

From my point of view, as social beings, each person must promote their Branding in the maximum possible way or in the most intelligent way; Knowing how to exploit this facet well, you can generate many benefits that would otherwise cost more to achieve.

To talk about the importance of personal branding and how beneficial it is to use it to be able to sell, I have brought a very special guest like Rosa León so you don’t wait any longer to make yourself known in order to grow.

A well-defined brand conveys trust, security, stability… it helps in the sales process, especially on the internet, where people are much more reluctant.

The personal brand has a great objective: that the impression made on the client is positive and lasting.

This concept of personal branding is actually not something new. It has always existed confused with similar concepts, such as reputation, experience and personality.

To generate trust, it is not only the tone or voice that you put on it, but your personality in case of being a personal brand, you must also take other factors into account. Keep in mind that a personal brand is not just about leaving a mark with pretty photos on the header of your website, but about your actions and how you interact with your audience.

See how big brands employ public figures such as actors, singers, athletes or models to gain notoriety and increase the value of their brand.

Why is personal branding important?

There are a number of reasons to build your own personal brand.

  • A personal brand makes the creation of a new business more viable .
  • It gives you visibility in society.
  • You build credibility and trust
  • You will focus on what you like , specializing and differentiating yourself from the competition
  • It allows you to get out of the fight to be the cheapest and you can charge a fair price for your products or services
  • It helps you find work . If you are not going to start your own business, a personal brand will allow nethunters to find you and help you find a job.

Another way to gain visibility is to create an ebook , for example, this is a great way to enhance your personal brand.

Who should create a personal brand?

Everyone without exception must take care of their personal brand, especially if we want to progress and be a benchmark in some specialty.

Your personal brand is your main weapon when it  comes to competing for a job, generating an image, being a leader, starting or promoting your business, etc.\

Brand image and Social Networks

To build your “Personal Branding” it is important that you are present in one of the Social Media channels .

The most important channels in which you can be present are  Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, iTunes, Instagram … depending on where your audience moves, you will be on one or the other networks.

If you have a blog it is important that you catch up with the comments, answer the questions…

The Internet and especially social networks represent a space where you can express everything that a resume cannot reflect.

Use social networks to your advantage . Find the networks that best suit your needs and create your own and faithful image that shows your values ​​and beliefs.

When choosing a social network:

  • You must be clear about your objective : why and for what you participate in that social network in question.
  • Include a personal profile photo: It always gives more confidence to have a profile photo and not your brand logo. Of course, it is important to take care of your image in the photo: watch the background and your clothing and that the photo is of good quality and not pixelated
  • Complete your profile information as much as possible . This gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself, to publicize your tastes, knowledge, achievements… and create more empathy with your target audience.
  • Share content wisely , create your own content strategy, set a schedule and be consistent.

Keep in mind that social networks help you communicate with your potential customers, with your suppliers, investors and even with your competitors. They will help you enhance your brand image and transmit your values.

Take consistent care of what you transmit with your actions, values, company policies.

In the networks you also have to transmit your essence and know how to link it to your own corporate identity

And why write blogs?

It is a way to communicate with your audience to publicize future releases or news with your promotion . But it is also important that not everything is products and services. Share valuable information, write about personal facets and humanize your brand, recommend based on trends, tastes, etc.

We can say that there are two kinds of blogs:

  • Personal : they include opinions and points of view of a person and can be about several categories
  • Thematic or professional: they are specialized in a specific discipline. They are usually written by professionals, in a personal capacity, who write about topics they know very well.

Your personal brand image when you don’t have a business

Today, the well-known “curriculum vitae” is on the verge of extinction, our professional profile is on the internet, but it is also found on social networks.

The first thing HR recruiters at any company do is scour the web for candidates to see if they’re the right fit. They are known as nethunters.

That is why it is important that you take care of social networks, nethunters are paying attention and the first thing you can offer is your brand .

Nowadays, anyone can take a photo and have it go around the world thanks to Facebook or become a Trending Topic on Twitter… be careful that the image you give benefits your brand.

How to build your personal brand image

The creation of your personal brand is not just the design of the logo or the web . From the first moment you create your first account on a social network , you are creating your personal brand

Follow these 5 steps to build your personal brand

  1. Define your values . This will facilitate decision making and avoid actions contrary to them.
  2. Define your positioning , the place you want to reach
  3. Identify your skills , all those that can help you position yourself
  4. Validate and spread your skills, through testimonials, recognitions, awards,…
  5. Be consistent and persevering so that your personal brand gradually becomes stronger.

The best way to build it is by defining your values ​​through self- analysis

We must base ourselves on the authenticity of our self. Who are you, what do you want to achieve, what are your values? What is it about you that makes you exceptional?

With that you will be able to align who you are, what you work on and what you do.

Select those attributes or qualities that you want to highlight and that identify you as a person, thus offering a differential and added value to your audience.

Focus on what you want to achieve and what you must do to achieve it.

The powerful questions

The so-called “powerful questions” are those that can help us resolve certain doubts about ourselves, or simply put certain concepts in order :

  •         What do I want to achieve with this?
  •         What are my main goals?
  •         What are my strengths and my weaknesses?
  •         How would you define me in one word?


The era of paper is over. We are facing a style of economy that aims more at selling experiences than at the sale of products or services and where treatment and communication are key tools.

Having a good personal brand strategy will help you attract more and better clients, compete in a better market, generate more income or even find a job.

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