How to use social media for business 2022

How to use social media for business

Social networks are the perfect weapon for companies . In the 21st century, a company that does not know how to use social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin will be losing many opportunities for dissemination, promotion, advertising or sales.

In other words, if you are not in social networks, your company is slowly dying.

With this I do not intend that you register your business in all the social networks you find, you need to know which ones are profitable for your project and which ones you will be able to manage professionally.

Nowadays there are more and more companies that use Social media for business as an essential strategy, and if you don’t, you will be left behind.

And of course you will learn to  increase your website traffic using Social Networks.

When we talk about social networks and online marketing , the objective, whatever your product or service is, is to achieve a certain level of customer loyalty with your brand, which can be encouraged with raffles, useful content and other actions, so that this relationship is lasting.

Each recommendation you make of your product also influences the purchase decision  , this will be heard by your community and will be enhanced by interacting with your followers, in this way it will be much easier to retain them since they will feel closer to you and your brand.

What are social networks?

According to wikipedia a social network is defined as:

They are normally represented by symbolizing the actors as nodes and the relationships as lines that join them. The type of connection that can be represented in a social network is a dyadic relationship or interpersonal bond.

Social networks have become, in a few years, a global phenomenon, they expand as open systems in constant construction of themselves, just like the people who use them.

Put more simply, social networks are platforms through which users who are registered in them, interact,
seek information or entertainment.

People are always social by nature, we tend to group together and interact with family, co-workers, friends.

Using Social Networks has already become fundamental to the success of most companies and the digital medium can generate great opportunities.

What social networks to use for your company?

It is best to start little by little, it is useless to be registered in many social networks and not manage any of them.

Before choosing them, we must be clear about which social networks your customers are on

Facebook continues to be the social network with the most users.

85% of American Internet users between 16 and 65 years old use Social Networks . A percentage that is equivalent to more than 25.5 million
users in our country, that is, 25.5 million people use Social Networks

  • We like to start with Facebook because it is the most used. If your business is B2C it is ideal.
  • Google My business because it benefits local seo , being a geolocation social network.
  • Instagram is the social network that has grown the most in US this last year. Generation Z (born between 1995 and 2015, that is, between 0 and 20 years old) is the one that uses the largest number of Social Networks at the same time and with the greatest frequency. Being Instagram one of his favorites. Ideal for companies to do branding.
  • Twitter is ideal for promoting the digital communication of your company or public administration since its dynamism allows you to have quick and direct dialogues. This is the reason why it is ideal for customer service.

Who is your target audience or community?

We could say that the target audience is a group of people who want and/or need what we can offer and,
for that reason, we will have more chances of them buying our products or hiring our services. This profile is called a
follower and potential customer or potential customer.

Knowing who we are targeting is vital, the way to find it is by segmenting by sex, age, demographic data, interests, income…

What strategy to use?

Once we know who our target audience is, we have to design a social media strategy to achieve our goals. it is best option to use social media for business.

To increase the number of followers:

  1. Carry out raffles in which one of the participation requirements was to follow the company’s account on the social network.
  2. Provide high value content for your followers and that is useful to users.
  3. Interact with your followers and share their content.

To increase the visibility of your brand you could do:

  1. Social media advertising on Facebook with Facebook Ads
  2. Make promotions or offers of our products.

How to use social networks for companies, Advertising

As a result of the growth of Facebook, it implemented the paid advertising service similar to the one that has been working for a long time in Google (GoogleAds) and that allows you to create advertisements for your brand that reach the public you want.

We will show you an example of how paying a minimum amount to Facebook can achieve very good results and even
sales. This is a real case, which happened to us using social networks for companies.

We have a client who has been doing Facebook Ads for a while and he wanted, well, what we all want, to sell.

And although we had achieved the KPIs that we had proposed, the product was not sold in the physical store.

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