Mailing campaigns, why are they beneficial?

Mailing campaigns, why are they beneficial?

Increasing sales, gaining trust and customer loyalty or attracting new users are some of the advantages of using this powerful and direct communication channel.

Mailing campaigns are really beneficial and effective, and contrary to what many people may think, email marketing is one of the most profitable means of achieving sales.

Is email marketing dead? Noooo.

Email is not an old-fashioned medium, whoever thinks this is very wrong. I assure you that making a good and successful mailing campaign will be the channel that brings you the most money.

For example, when you are going to create a web page you need to capture the email of those people interested in you, your service or your products. Once you have it, you will be able to carry out a series of strategies to achieve the final objective: build loyalty and sell more.

What is a mailing campaign?

Surely, this morning, you have received a communication from a certain brand in your email.

Surely, in that communication they announce the latest item for sale or offer you a discount on your next purchase or remind you that you consulted a certain product without finishing your purchase.

Yes, I am referring to mailing campaigns . To that communication channel that companies have to increase their sales, retain customers and attract new potential users.

Email marketing is a direct and effective way of communicating and a direct channel in which to carry out a series of segmentations based on email openings and clicks.

Depending on the activity generated by the person who receives the email, segmentation tasks can be carried out to send that person offers or messages in which they are really interested .

This is the reality , in the midst of a true digital transformation it is necessary to resort to this type of communication.

Any company that rejects this way of mailing campaigns will be closing a direct door to contact their customers or new customers.

This does not mean that it is always beneficial, but resorting to this channel always brings more benefits than harm.

If we stay on this last aspect, we highlight two :

  1. The number of emails the user receives.
  2. Falling into a bad communication strategy through email.

How to create an email marketing campaign

To create an email marketing campaign, the first thing we need is to attract subscribers and for this the best site is a web page.

If you are going to hire a web designer , it is essential that you tell him that you want to include a subscription form in which you can start capturing emails for future mailing campaigns.

Having a good list of people interested in your service or product will allow you to sell more since it is the most personal and direct channel to generate trust and conversions.

To carry out this process of collecting emails, you do not need to do it with paper and pen and have to send one by one to the list. Imagine you have 2000 emails. It would be crazy!

For this, you have to do 2 things:

  1. Create subscription forms on the web:these forms must be associated with different email marketing platforms that exist in the market.
  2. Sign up for marketing email platforms:thanks to these platforms, you will be able to automate sending processes, as well as program email sequences based on the behaviors of your website’s subscribers.

Thanks to many of these platforms, you can create free mailing campaigns and opt for payment plans in case you need more features or the list of subscribers grows.

In any case, if so, it will be worth buying a premium plan since you are probably getting benefits.

Examples of successful mailing campaigns

Once you have optimized the mailing platform. It’s time to get the most out of it,

You have to do a series of tasks for the process to be profitable.

Once it is defined and worked. The email marketing tool will work for you and you will only take care of analyzing the results to send different campaigns based on the behavior of the different subscribers.

For this, the following factors must be taken into account to know why to invest in mailing and why it is the best way to reach a loyal audience or pending loyalty:

  1. Minimum cost, maximum efficiency:investing in email marketing is cheap
  2. Personalized mailings:email marketing is a direct, close and 100% profitable channel.

Minimum cost, maximum efficiency

Mailing campaigns are beneficial for companies because they turn out to be a very economical investment .

If we translate it into euros, the cost would be between 0.001 and 0.02 euro cents.

The prices, and it does not matter which provider we use, will always give us a special price based on the contract we sign and the number of contacts to whom we send a certain number of communications.

In fact, based on these two factors, we can even find suppliers who would not invoice us, although their name would appear on the shipments.

In addition, email allows for communications that are also direct and immediate towards the client.

The return on investment of any type of these mailing campaigns is usually more profitable than that made by other channels, such as through social networks.

Users, despite receiving multiple emails , tend to access more constantly; that yes, as long as we plan our strategy correctly, because we could obtain a very different result and for this we have to make personalized shipments.

It does not matter if you automate them and do not send it directly to that person. People who receive well-crafted messages will have a good response.

personalized shipments

You have to know what to send, how to send it and when to send it.

Normally, all platforms offer responsive services , with which we ensure that the message is seen correctly on any of the existing devices on the market.

Likewise, we can know at the moment which user has accessed the information, at what time (it is important to know this because, for example, we always check the mail first thing in the morning), from which devices or which products included in the communication are the most consulted. In other words, every emailing campaign can be analyzed in detail .

The latter requires a certain industriousness, but it opens the door to another advantage: sending personalized mailing campaigns to the tastes of each client, and not only in terms of content, but also in terms of how to address us, always by name. .

Also, any of the providers we use will allow us to automate these shipments at the designated time and time .

Knowing customers will always be a plus for any company.

segmented list

Never buy contacts. Perhaps this is the most complicated step, getting a solid and true network of contacts.

Buying contacts will not do any good for the simple reason that they are not interested in you or your product. Sending mailing campaigns to these people will only cause a disastrous opening of emails, in addition to distorting the real metrics in your email marketing platform

My advice is that from time to time, analyze who are those people who never open your emails and invite them to unsubscribe or try to retain them in some way.

A subscriber who does not open your emails, it is better to let him go. Your list will be more careful and segmented and your emails will have better delivery.


As you have been able to read, mailing campaigns are the most powerful tool for companies to learn about, build loyalty and achieve conversions from their customers.

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