What is the streaming site for movies and series?

What is the streaming site for movies and series?

Streaming is more and more popular. Allowing you to watch films and series for free and in high quality, it has won over millions of users.

Having reached the general public in the mid-2000s with emule, and its 30 kb / s downloads then in the early 2010s with streaming and downloading via the advent of Megaupload, it is now available on many platforms . The most popular platform since the fall of Megaupload is Zone-Téléchargement. But what can this site do, and above all, is it legal?

Easily find your evening’s program thanks to a TV program

To discover films or series, the French have a wide choice and legal and paid streaming platforms have become democratized over time, managing to capture the attention of millions of people. But for those who do not wish to pay for such a service, television remains a priority. Every evening, several channels offer films, series, shows, reports or even documentaries that you might like. But for years, the chains have multiplied, so that they are now several hundred. Gone are the days when only a few channels existed: the choice of program was quickly made. However, we are not going to complain about all these new channels as they offer so many programs.

However, you can quickly no longer know where to turn and spend hours zapping, hoping that a channel will manage to capture your attention during the few seconds you give it. Therein lies the trap, that of zapping indefinitely and spending several hours in the end not looking at anything. To organize your evening or your day, nothing better than the TV program. Its goal is quite simply to simplify your task by highlighting all the channels, and their respective programs. You have the start time, the end time, and you can figure out which one is most likely to appeal to you without having to zap first. For more organized evenings without wasting time, and to be sure to find the show, film or series made for you, turn to the TV program which will take care of your work. It is a real saving of time, and also of energy.

Download area: streaming site with a turbulent history

Zone-télécharger has experienced many site closures because it was illegal but always ended up re-opening new sites. Today the site again offers thousands of films and series for download and streaming. But it is still just as illegal from before!

The interface of this film and series viewing site

Zone -pload’s success is primarily due to its home page. While the interface of most streaming and download sites is poor quality and scares visitors away, this streaming and download site has a clean home page with all available categories and the hottest movies and series. popular.

The functionalities of this site

The main strength of Zone-télécharger is the multitude of choices it offers. Here you will find series and films of all genres and eras. The choice of languages ​​is also vast, French, English, or Multilingual.

There are also two modes to choose from: streaming and download and several streaming and download hosts, like uptobox. Finally, the quality of the videos is unbeatable, the site offering movies and series streaming up to 4K.

A point that differentiates Zone-télécharger’s functionality from other download sites is that each of its series and films has a single file listing all the available versions.

How to watch a movie or series in streaming?

All you have to do is click on a film or a series then scroll down the page to the various links available. To eliminate the pop-ups, you can use U-block.

The streaming limit is 2 hours per day. With the Uptobox host, you can go to 2:30 with a free account and unlimited access by paying the monthly subscription.

How to download a movie or a series?

If you choose Uptobox, a new window will open and you will have to click on “continue” and click on the link. Then, after the 30 second countdown, you will just have to click on “free download”.

Note that there are advantages to subscribing to a premium subscription with Uptobox. There will be no wait between 2 downloads (instead of 30 minutes) and the download speed will be optimal.

Is there a risk in using Download Zone?

Streaming movies and series and downloading from this site is illegal. To date, no user has been publicly condemned for using the platform. However, to eliminate any risk some use a VPN which encrypts the data and will make you untraceable.

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A site with many clones

Due to successive closures, the site had to change its name several times. Initially it was called zone-telechargement.com and many clones exist and may be of good quality, but none equal the genuine site.


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