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If you have a youtube channel or a gaming channel and looking for the easy way to create thumbnails or searching for the best thumbnail maker app then you are in the right place. Read the full article to know how you can make your own gaming thumbnails, fortnite thumbnails, minecraft thumbnails and what is the best app for making thumbnails?

Which is the best app for making thumbnails ? (Thumbnail Blaster)

Thumbnail blaster is a cloud based app and A.I software that helps you to create attractive thumbnails in just three clicks. You can create any kind of thumbnails easily because it has drag and drop feature which lets you to just drag the elements and drop.

It is beginner friendly software you don’t need to have any professional design skills and you don’t have to spend money to hire a designer to create thumbnails. This software will do everything for you to create awesome thumbnails. As it is a cloud based app everything is hosted online so there is no installation required.

It is one of the fastest and easiest software with multiple benefits and features. In just simple steps you can even create amazing gaming thumbnails without any design skills and can attract more traffic and views. It can be used for all video platforms for multiple niches such as vlogs, health, travel, pets, etc.

How do you use thumbnail blaster?

Thumbnail blaster is easy to use software with some features that help you create thumbnails in just three simple steps. Well, you don’t have much options but its artificial intelligence tool will do your work. Take a look how it works.

  • Choose a template
  • Customize
  • Publish and relax

Choose a template: It comes with 30 readymade templates for multiple niches such as pets, travel, vlogs, real estate, etc. You can even let the Ai to do the work for you.

Customize: Once you choose the template, now you have to edit it. It is very easy to edit and ccustomize the template because it has drag and drop feature which allow to just drag the elemnts and drop. You can change the text and size according to your needs. You can let the Ai  tool customize the template if you want.

Publish and relax: After customizing the template it is ready to publish. You just have to click publish your video will be replaced with the new created one. You can even download the thumbnail and use it wherever you want.

Features to consider before buying Thumbnail blaster:

Easy to use: It is easy to use software with which you can create thumbnails easily in just simple steps. You don’t need to have professional design skills to use this software.

Drag and drop: Its drag and drop feature will help you to create thumbnails by just dragging and dropping. It will help you easily customize and edit the template by changing text, fonts, size.

30 Predesigned templates: It has 30 readymade templates that can be used for any niche. You can even let the Ai do it for you.

Design elements library: You don’t have to spend money for any design elements or photos because you will get everything in this software’s design elements library such as emojis, doodles, etc.

Size: You can create thumbnails for any style videos in different sizes.

Artificial intelligence: If you don’t know how to do the work or a bit lazy, then just provide some information for the Ai and let it do for you.

Split-test: If you have never created any design before and you are a complete beginner then you can use the split test module in which you have to select two different thumbnails. You have to start the module it will rotate the two selected thumbnails to check your views and automatically set the best thumbnail.

Benefits of using thumbnail blaster:

Thumbnail blaster is easy to use software with multiple benefits. Below are the benefits of best thumbnail maker app.

  • Get more views: Thumbnails plays an important role in grabbing audience attention. Attractive thumbnails convince people to click you videos and watch.
  • Get more exposure: If you have attractive thumbnails then your audience will get attracted to it and will click and watch your videos. Then your videos will automatically get more views and exposure.
  • Get more subscribers: If your content is good then automatically the audience will be interested in your videos and you will get more subscribers and higher rankings.
  • Save money: It helps you save money from buying templates or hiring freelance graphic designers who will cost more money.
  • Save time: It helps you save time by creating thumbnails in just simple steps which takes maybe less than hour or two. If you hire a freelancer you have to wait for them to complete the work which might take 2-4 days delivery or up to week. And sometimes we don’t get what we want.


Thumbnail blaster is beginner friendly easy to use software that helps you to create attractive thumbnails in just simple steps. Its drag and drop feature helps to drag the elements and drop it. It has readymade templates which you can simply edit and customize.

It has all readymade designs, templates, photos, emojis, doodles, etc. It comes with an artificial intelligence program that automatically creates thumbnail after providing some info to it. It is the best software for beginners, which saves time and money.

Over all thumbnail blaster is the best thumbnail maker app which is easy to use software for beginners with readymade designs which help you get more views and subscribers. Thanks for reading hope you liked the article.

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