The 5 software to slow down and speed up an online video

The 5 software to slow down and speed up an online video

Professionals and individuals often find it difficult to edit their video before posting it on the internet or using it in everyday life. Editing photos seems trivial thanks to the various tools on the market.

However, users struggle to find the ideal video editor. However, there are several software programs slow down videos and speed up videos online. We present to you in this article how to slow down and speed up an online video with 5 efficient software.

Arrange videos with Fastreel

Fastreel is an online software that allows you to edit videos as well as photos. For clips, users can remove sound and merge multiple movies. It also allows to speed up and slow down video online according to the selected speed.

Different flow rates

The speeds available are between 0.25 to 4. The 0.25 speed is ideal for performing slow motions or slow motion. Along the edit, you can preview the video at every pace. If you are satisfied with the result, you can continue editing. Once the video is edited, you just need to save it to your device for use anytime.

Powerful software

Downloading the accelerated or slowed video is free. The format of the video edited by the software is suitable for all devices. You can read it without any difficulty on your smartphone or on Windows or Mac computers.

It is highly appreciated by Internet users thanks to its advantages:

  • Ease of use
  • Simple and accessible interface on any device
  • Securing files

Retouch with Lunapic

Lunapic allows you to edit videos, and add effects to photos. It also simplifies the creation of GIF animations.

Practical tool

This is completely free software. To speed up and slow down online videos, just log on to the Lunapic site and edit. It supports files up to 100MB, as well as various formats like ASF, FLV, WMV, MOV. It is compatible with different types of browsers and poses no difficulty in use. Lunapic’s new functions allow you to resize images, cut them or edit them.

Edit and share

You have the option of recording your accelerated or slowed videos directly on the device and on social networks. All you need is an account on these networks to share the accelerated or slow motion videos with your friends.

Edit with Wevideo

This software includes several features besides speeding up and slowing down the speed of videos.

Easy to use

Wevideo is free software on the internet. To speed up or slow down a video on this online software, the user must register on the site. You can use your Gmail or Facebook account to log in. It is suitable for individuals as well as professionals. Wevideo is compatible with all types of devices. You can use it on your computer or on a smartphone as a mobile application. Just download it from Google playstore for Android phones and the App Store for iPhones.

Fast and efficient backup

Slow or accelerated videos will be saved directly to the cloud. Indeed, the software is hosted on a cloud. This feature saves a significant amount of storage space. The space allocated to each subscriber depends on the option ordered.

Wevideo software is not free. To use it, you must select the offer that suits your needs and taking into account several factors such as: the number of users, as well as the type of license. When subscribing, you have the choice between the different prices:

  • Focused on power
  • Offering unlimited flow
  • Ideal for professionals
  • The special business software package

Video Toolbox

Video Toolbox is free and comprehensive software. It is one of the most widely used software for Internet users for processing videos. It includes different features:

Large processing capacity

Speeding up and slowing down a video is among the countless options available on this software. You can edit all types of videos since it can process files up to 1500MB. In addition, it supports most popular video formats. It analyzes the video quickly and precisely before any processing.

A software with several modes

It allows its users to choose between a simple and advanced mode:

  • The former only has the basic features needed for video editing.
  • The second allows to speed up and slow down the video, while modifying the output channels as well as the resolution of the images and the codec.

Despite these advantages, the software only presents basic functions. Professionals will find it difficult to speed up and slow down video quickly.


Video editing has never been easier than with Loopster . One tool allows you to achieve feats. The very practical interfaces make it possible to satisfy the user’s expectations in order to provide him with an extraordinary experience.

Available anytime

You can install this software on any type of device regardless of its system and the version installed. Smartphones designed with the Android, Ios or Windows system will easily support this innovative software. Indeed, even if you use Loopster on your phone, you will have all the functionalities, just like on a PC. To save storage space, it is not necessary to download it. You just need to connect to the internet to use it anywhere.

Ergonomic software

Its operation does not require specific skills. Very easy to use, it is suitable for all categories of public. Indeed, a few clicks are enough to edit a video like a real professional. Speeding up and slowing down a video will only take a few moments, just like adding texts, watermarks and background sound. Its very user-friendly interface goes well with small screens as well as large ones.


Editing video before posting on the internet seems difficult for some professionals and individuals, so in this article we have shared some software on how to slow down and speed up an online video. Hope you liked this article.

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