Why are Inflatable paddle boards so expensive?

If you are wondering why are inflatable paddle boards so expensive? These are also known as iSUPs, that are exciting water toys loved by the people who love water adventures. But the cost of these paddle boards make us little tensed. And If you are looking for the paddle boards in your budget then check our other article on budget-friendly inflatable paddle boards. You can even go for inflatable kayaks. Check the difference between inflatable paddle board vs inflatable kayak. In this article, we will discuss why are inflatable paddle boards so expensive and what makes them special.

So, Why are inflatable paddle boards so expensive

Below are the reasons why are inflatable paddle boards so expensive. The reasons include:

1. High-Quality Materials

Just think about things made with weak materials. Do they last long? No. Are they safe? No. Same with the inflatable paddle boards.

These inflatable paddle boards are made from strong and durable materials. It has high grade fabric which is super strong and make sure the board hold air and support your weight. Because of these features, it doesn’t bend or pop.

The material that used for pipes tough PVC(polyvinyl chloride) is used for the top layer of these paddle boards. This helps the board from scratches, tears and UV rays from the sun. These materials are expensive and makes the iSUP lasts longer.

2. Careful Craftsmanship

Inflatable paddle boards are carefully designed to create a sturdy structure. Each layer of material is glued together with much care. it is made with specialized machines and skilled workers to make sure nothing goes wrong. These efforts make a safe and reliable paddle board to enjoy safe riding. And the skilled labour and specialized equipments are costly.

3. Research and Development

The company spends lot of time and money on research and development before making inflatable paddle boards. To create the best paddle boards they experiment every single shape, sizes and materials.

They make sure that the boards are stable in water, easy to paddle and fun to ride. They also make sure to figure out how to make them easy to inflate and deflate. All these tests and experiments takes time and resources, which makes the final product expensive.

4. Safety First

Safety is a top priority when it comes to water sports. Inflatable paddle boards manufacturers make sure that their products are safe to use. On these paddle boards they add non-slip surfaces to prevent accidents. They design the shape of board to be stable in water and attach a leash to keep the board close if you fall off.

They have to test the board in various situations to make sure everything is up to safety standards. These safety features, tests and certifications add to the overall cost.

5. Accessories Galore

Inflatable paddle boards usually comes with a bunch of accessories when you buy it. These include a paddle, a pump, a carrying bag and sometimes a repair kit. These accessories makes your paddle board experience you a enjoyable and convenient ride. The packaging and creating all these accessories makes the product expensive.

6. Environmental Responsibility

Most companies make inflatable paddle boards that are environment friendly. Because it is one of the important thing to notice. Manufactures use eco friendly materials and support environmental causes.

The use of these materials and methods can be expensive. But its worth to protect our beautiful planet. So when you buy an iSUP you are not only getting a cool board but also helping our oceans and lakes to be clean.

7. Demand and Supply

When a product comes in market and everyone goes crazy about it the price often goes up because of high demand. In recent years, paddle boards have becomes so popular because they are lot of fun and easy to use.

Companies make them charge a bit more with so many people wanting iSUPs. Because they know that people are willing to pay for enjoyable experience. It is similar to how tickets to big concert or famous movie can be expensive because more people want to go.


At first inflatable paddle boards might seem expensive. But it starts to make sense why they cost more when you think about the high quality materials, safety and much more. They are more than just a water toy. They are well designed, safe and eco-friendly to have fun on water.

So, the next time when buying the inflatable paddle boards don’t just see the price tag, but remember all the hard work and dedication that goes in making this fantastic adventure tool. And maybe one day you will have your own iSUP to explore water and create your own amazing memories.

And now you know why are inflatable paddle boards so expensive.  But if you are a beginner and don’t want to try expensive inflatable paddle boards then check out the budget friendly inflatable paddle boards.

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