This is what happens to your body when you quit smoking

Smoking has been characterized as a bad habit for many people, since it harms our health . It is even one of the most common actions among people in society. There are many people who are not aware of the damage that tobacco can cause in the body. Therefore, over time there has been awareness of how harmful it can be.

Currently, awareness campaigns have been carried out so that people know how harmful cigarettes can be . So that they lead a healthy life, but what happens to our body when we stop smoking . This is what we will talk about in the course of the article.


Once people quit smoking after 20 minutes, their upper airways where the trachea and bronchi can be found. Place that is covered with cilia (similar to hair), due to the pulsating movements they tend to expel the mucus and with it all the bacteria. Including all the fine dust that is trapped in the respiratory tract , after 20 minutes the cilia that were damaged by the cigarette function correctly again.

Carbon Monoxide Levels

After a few hours have passed after a person stops smoking, carbon monoxide levels tend to drop to normal levels. The high level of CO2 in people’s blood is harmful because the oxygen in hemoglobin is replaced by carbon monoxide. Once the levels of carbon monoxide in our blood are normalized, all the tissue is established to a correct use of oxygen.

Avoid Myocardial Infarction

Since, the oxygen in the blood is normalized and the less vasoconstriction of the veins and arteries . This occurs due to the reduction of nicotine, so it will allow better blood circulation.


People who quit smoking after a week begin to feel improvements in their lifestyle. Since, the nicotine levels in our body will continue to decrease and when we stop smoking they will drop considerably. Therefore, it is important that we leave this vice to have a better lifestyle.


Once two weeks have passed after quitting, the functions of our lungs improve by 30%. This can be noticed since the person feels a better physical performance when practicing any sport. Being another reason why, specialists recommend quitting smoking.

Reduces Sinusitis

Within a month of quitting, many smoking-related problems such as sinusitis subside. That is, people who suffer from this problem may notice improvement when they stop smoking. It is one of the reasons why people with this disease give up nicotine.

Increased Fertility

Women who quit smoking for several months tend to increase fertility and reduce the risk of premature birth . Therefore, there are many specialists who recommend women who are pregnant to give up this habit for the good health of the baby.

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