Blog: 4 republishing tools to boost your old posts

4 republishing tools to boost your old posts

Creating brand new articles on a regular basis is the foundation of a successful and healthy blog.

However, it is still very useful to reuse its content, for at least 2 reasons:

  • It is sometimes difficult to find ideas for new and original texts;
  • Some old content may not have had the success expected at the time and deserve a new lease of life.

But bringing old articles out of the closet is only the first step, the main thing being to promote this content to offer them visibility and reach a large audience.

However, reposting blog posts on social networks or promoting them by email can be long and laborious. This is why there are tools specially dedicated to this task. Here are those republishing tools to boost your old posts.

1. Missinglettr

Missinglettr is a very handy tool that automatically sets up social media campaigns to promote your articles for an entire year.

So you just have to focus on writing or finding relevant old content and let Missinglettr repost your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +.

But not everything is 100% automatic, since you can customize your marketing campaigns by:

  • Customizing the hashtags that will be used in posts about an article;
  • Easily modify the content and image of each post (the tool automatically makes suggestions and you can change them very quickly);
  • Adjusting the frequency of reposting or pausing the campaign if necessary.

The free version is sufficient to republish your old publications, but you can opt for the paid version to open access to another user for example.

2. Repost Elokenz [tools to boost your old posts]

Repost Elokenz analyzes each of your content, gathered in the “library”, to determine the best time to republish them while maximizing the chances of going viral.

You only have to define your editorial calendar to indicate to Repost Elokenz the times when it should republish your content and the tool will take care of promoting your old articles. It is also responsible for analyzing the fallout to adapt future republications.

For each article, however, you can customize:

  • the cut-off date by which it will no longer be reposted;
  • the text of the publication;
  • the associated image.

To use the tool, you will need to subscribe to one of the three paid plans offered (the cheapest being priced at $ 7). A 30-day trial version is planned so that you can test the solution before subscribing.

Repost is compatible with Facebook, Twitter  and LinkedIn.

3. Revive Old Post

Revive Old Post is a WordPress plugin allowing, as its name suggests, to revive your old articles.

Easy to use, it allows in particular to configure:

  • The frequency of reposting on social networks;
  • The hashtags to use for each content;
  • Exclude certain posts or categories that you do not want to republish …
  • Automatic publication of articles on social networks
  • Publication monitoring and traffic analysis

The plugin is free, but there is a PRO version which gives access to more features.

The free version allows you to automatically share posts from Facebook and Twitter pages only. The PRO version allows access to more social networks (Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn…).

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4. Republish Old Posts

Republish Old Posts is another very simple WordPress plugin: it allows you to update the publication date of your old posts.

They are thus found in one of your blog and are again distributed in your RSS feeds, allowing them to be promoted to your audience.

The date changes, but the URL remains the same and the old comments are kept.

The pro version allows you to configure the interval between publications, how and when they will be republished.

5. Falcon

Falcon is one of the most important to work which provides scheduled content on multiple social networks. It has content calendar which allow post, schedule, plan and edit directly. It also supports images, videos, stories and carousels. It has a media library called “content pool” where you can store all your data. It offers two plans.


Well, here are the best tools to boost your old posts and drive traffic. These tools help to promote posts on social networks and reach large audience. Hope you like this article.

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