How to monitor an animal remotely using technology?

How to monitor an animal remotely using technology?

Every morning you go to work and wonder what your dog is going to do for the day. You dream of being able to watch it, but unfortunately, you don’t know how to go about it …

No more sadness, it is quite possible to keep a constant eye on the activities of your companion when he is alone at home thanks to new technologies! Here is the proof.

Why monitor your animal from a distance?

The term “monitor” often has a negative connotation. However, there is no shame in watching your dog when he is alone. There are plenty of times when this observation will come in handy. For example, you could monitor an animal remotely to understand:

  • Why he barks so much all day;
  • Which of your dogs is doing silly things in your absence;
  • How he manages to get on the living room table when there is no chair in front;
  • Better understand the relationship of domination and the hierarchy between your dogs;
  • Check that he has no access to any food when you are not there;
  • Make sure that his anxiety subsides as soon as you are away and that he knows how to have fun on his own;
  • Find out if his evening lethargy is due to excessive play during the day or if there may be a medical problem to watch out for;…

This list is far from exhaustive and shows you that watching your animal can be beneficial. In addition, it is always reassuring for you to check that everything is going well for him.

Use a surveillance accessory with an integrated camera

The first solution is very simple and can be found in all good pet stores: accessories made for dogs with a camera. Most often, these are automatic kibble dispensers, like those presented on this site dedicated to these dog food accessories .

Dispensers with cameras make it possible to verify that the food is released from the dispenser, and then that the dog eats them without hindrance. But, the camera can be diverted for more frequent use.

The system works with a smartphone app. You see live on your phone what your furry friend is doing.

There are also treat throwers. The best known today is called Furbo. It is very good, but costs almost 200$, which represents a fairly high investment but quickly pays for itself.

With your phone, you can decide when you want to send your dog a little treat. You can always see him through your mobile screen and can even talk to him. Indeed, the Furbo has a small microphone. This is great for reminding a dog that is wreaking havoc in the house or barking, or for simply interacting with an animal that seems too bored when you’re not around.

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Install a camera via a phone app

Today there are many free or paid applications on the phone that allow you to film live, such as IP Webcam, Cawice, Alfred or Manything.

The operation is simple. You create your account and install the application on two media. For example, you put it on a tablet or on your cell phone.

Then, you have the tablet well in your interior for the angle of the camera takes more or less the whole room. Then, with your phone, you connect and you see the view live from the tablet.

It’s a particularly handy way to watch the house for an evening or a few days when you’ve just adopted your dog or moved to a new home. If it is used continuously, it can cause battery problems or damage the tablet a bit which overheats by constantly running in camera mode.

However, it has the advantage of being completely free and quick to set up. If one morning, you notice that your dog has eaten things that are dangerous for him during the night, you can use these types of applications to monitor an animal remotely during the morning and verify that there is no need to go home and to take her on a visit to the doctor’s office.


In this article we have shared how to monitor an animal remotely using technology for the pet parents who are worried and dreaming of watching their pet’s activities all day while on work. Hope you liked the article.


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