How Much Do Top Twitch Streamers Make USA 2022

Twitch is a streaming video channel in which the gamers play video games live and the people who are watching game can live chat, followers can donate and subscribe to the gaming channel. Twitch streamers can make money through affiliate programs, ads revenue, donation from subscribers, from the brands as influencers and much more.

Twitch vs Youtube

As we have learned above that twitch is a live streaming gaming channel, youtube gaming is also good because it is improving. Twitch has more followers and earning potential is more in it compared to youtube. Youtube is also improving so there are chances that youtube can become a good gaming channel because it is adding more and more features.

Youtube has much wider audience than twitch. Twitch and youtube have their categories so the users can easily find anything through the categories. At present twitch have more daily viewers while youtube is still improving because it lacks some features. Check out how much money top twitch streamers make.

How twitch streamers make money?

Compared to youtube, now twitch has more viewers and followers. So the demand for twitch is more and is increasing. Twitch streamers make money through donations from subscribers. While watching twitch streaming the subscribers can donate money as their wish. Small streamers make less money because they have to grow their channel and earn more followers and subscribers. If you are new to gaming then it will take time to grow your channel or you can get more followers if people like you content more.

Well, Top twitch streamers can make form thousand dollars to sometime millions. It will take time but twitch is better for making money because of daily viewers it has, more followers and fans, then the subscribers. Once your channel grows you can easily make money through donations, the subscribers of your channel will donate money as per their wish. You can also make money through influencer partnership, in which you have to promote brands. Other method is you can join affiliate program, make sales and earn commission. You can also make money through ads but it works for the top streamers. There are more other ways to make money with twitch.

What are emotes?

Emotes are emojis which are used by subscribers to love chat with the streamers and streamers use emote for rewarding their subscribers. These emotes can also be used as a plugins by the streamers to grow their channels and for live stream. Affiliates can also upload their original images to grow their audience and to promote content.

How twitch bits work?

Bits are small donation given by viewers to the gamers. It is a type of online currency which are used by gamers on top Twitch gaming sites. Bits will help Twitch affiliates to earn one cent for each bit. When the fans like the gaming and want to chat then they have to spend those bits In a gaming channel. If you have more bits you can spend. The person who participate in gaming chat spends more bits can also achieve cheer chat badge. You should not chat multiple times with single bit because people might mark you as a spam. Bits are also used to buy emotes which are used in chats. If you have more bits then you can even buy an animated emotes. Bits are useful for the one who want to participate in chat or to buy emotes to use in chat. These all are the reasons why Twitch is becoming popular such as subscriptions, affiliates, influencers, ads revenue and much more.

How twitch affiliate works?

Twitch affiliate is a streamer who must qualified in four tasks. He can earn commission by live streaming, creating creative content on the streaming platform and can earns coins. The four tasks in which he must qualified are streaming for 8 hours, streaming for 7 different days, must reach 50 followers and should gain average 3 viewers. They must complete these in 30 days. Once the tasks get completed there will be a tick mark at the end of task which is visible in dashboard. Now they can register for the Twitch affiliate program and monetize their channel. They will get notified that they are eligible for the affiliate program and they have to provide the following:

Twitch affiliate agreement, tax information, payment information and general information. When the information is given then the affiliates can start earning points to their channel by which they can live chat and use emotes.

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Twitch is one of the most popular live streaming video channel. In this article we have shared the information about twitch, how bits works, how affiliates work and what is best between twitch and youtube etc,. Hope you liked the article.

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