Control your image on the net with quality photos USA 2021

Control your image on the net with quality photos

It is essential to take care of your image to be valued on the net. The photos published reflect your personality and can be seen by a large number of Internet users in record time. Neglected photos can quickly deteriorate your image. Bain de Lumière offers its services to improve your profile on social networks.

Bath of light, the photographer to convey your brand image

It is a service provider specializing in professional photography, located in Puteaux. The session will take place in a comfortable and highly equipped studio. You will be taken care of by a qualified photographer, who masters all the shots for this type of shooting.

The goal is to showcase your motivation and determination through carefully taken pictures. To do this, he will be able to advise you on the posture and attitude to adopt. You have the choice between several shooting styles, depending on the desired use of the photos. You can opt for a CV portrait shoot if you want to update your profile picture .

A worthy photo to stand out with a CV

By entrusting the task to Bain de lumière, you will stand out from the candidates and recruiters will quickly take an interest in the content of your file. A professional CV photo photographer will take care of you personally. You will put all the chances on your side by boosting your CV or your Linkedin profile with attractive photos.

You will thus control your image on the net with quality photos by having even more confidence in yourself. This option includes a bust shoot, with viewing on screen at the end of the session. Bain de Lumière also offers you to update your profiles on social networks, such as Facebook and dating sites .

A photo shoot outside or at home

Apart from the studio shoot, you can opt for an outdoor or at home shoot . For an outdoor session, you will be joined by a professional photographer, in a location defined in advance. The departments which are part of the zones covered by Bain de Lumière are 92, 95, 78 and 75. The session can then be done in these different places, according to your convenience.

The photographer will use the chosen location to serve as a background for the shots. He will give you advice throughout the session to keep you comfortable and confident. He will be equipped with his professional equipment and will use his know-how to take pictures worthy of major magazines.

The shooting process

You are free to choose your outfit, as long as it looks good on you. If you do not want to travel, Bain de Lumière offers a session at home. The photographer will come to your home with his high-tech equipment. This will avoid any hassles that might arise along the way when accessing the studio, such as traffic jams and bad weather. There is no risk that the session will be canceled.

You will have plenty of time to prepare well before D-Day. Once you arrive at your home, the photographer will quickly install his equipment. The one-day model shoot is part of Bain de Lumière’s offers. It can be done at home so you can use your best outfits without having to move them.

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A beautiful shot for dating sites

By using the clichés for a dating site , it will not take long for you to make new acquaintances, so your photos will be irresistible. By posting them on Facebook, you will generate reactions from other members, who will be dazzled by the quality of your photos. Allow about 1 hour of time to complete this session.

No less than 80 takes will be taken to have as many choices as possible. At the end of it, all the takes will be viewed on screen in order to make the selection. After 15 days after the session, 6 optimized HD photos will be provided to you. You can purchase other additional photos if needed. Bain de Lumière opens its doors to you from Monday to Friday, and offers its optional services on weekends.

Here is the article for controlling the image on the net with quality photos. Hope you like the article. Posting proper content on social platforms helps increasing followers, so make sure to post quality photos that can be easily attracted.

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