10 Tips to succeed with your Online Store 2022

10 Tips to succeed with your Online Store 2022

There have been many of the businesses that have had to close due to not having been able to adapt to the online world.

Now, is creating an Ecommerce enough to succeed? Is having an online store without using digital marketing techniques enough to be successful? The answer is no.

If you want to succeed with your online store you need to do much more, or hire a freelance web designer or an agency, or you have no choice but to work on digital marketing strategies if you really want to sell with that online business.

Thanks to digital marketing techniques such as emailing , you can reach an audience that is really interested in your product or service. If you thought that it only refers to the use of mass mail to reach more customers, today we want to show you that this is not the case.

Using SEO strategies it is possible to reach people who are searching the internet for what your online business offers.

And how are you many more techniques. Because creating an online store is not the only thing you have to do if you really want to generate sales on the internet. Much more is needed.

Here are some of the best tips to succeed with your online store , take note!

10 Tips to succeed with your Online Store

When you are going to create an online store, you do it with the greatest of illusions thinking that by being on the internet you are going to start selling without further ado.

With the passage of time you see that the orders do not arrive. So that this does not happen to you, I am going to tell you what you have to do.

It’s easy, you just need to apply these steps:

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing tries to build loyalty and retain customers, by increasing traffic on your website in order to increase sales.

And how do you get these positive results? Well, creating different types of campaigns and promotions to show your products in an attractive way.

This is where Newsletters have begun to gain strength as one of the most reliable methods to reach and attract attention more easily.

To do this, you only need to send a massive email that will arrive in the inbox of your future clients with a personalized message and a careful layout that invites them to click to find out more about it.

Here are some of the most important tips when it comes to getting your online business up and running:

  • Create a good newsletter

A quality newsletter is the most profitable and powerful form of digital advertising , far surpassing social networks.

It is possible to start with a free account, which will be more than enough if your business is not very large yet, and which can be expanded to a service with greater benefits for really little money: sending newsletters provides a return on investment of up to 3000% .

  • Choose your target audience, investigate what type of content may interest them and develop a marketing strategy with a newsletter that makes them read your content not only because of what you sell, but also because of what you tell them.

Once that is achieved, the rest will practically come by itself.

And how do you implement a form on your website where you can get subscribers interested in your product or service to whom you can send your emails about promotions, offers and discounts?

Very easy, there are many programs such as Contact Form 7 or Elementor Pro (creator of online stores) that allow you to insert forms associated with email marketing platforms with which we can automatically carry out the entire process of creating mailing campaigns .

Is email marketing dead? Of course not, and in online stores less…

Use SEO (Web Positioning) in your online store

If the product or category pages of your online store are not optimized for SEO, it is impossible for you to appear in Google results.

SEO is one of the best medium-long term strategies to start generating qualified traffic to your website and tips to succeed with your online store.

Think that whoever searches for a product usually intends to buy it, if your website does not apply SEO you will be losing a golden opportunity to earn a lot of money online .

Using SEO in your ecommerce is something that you have to work on from the beginning and for this you need to work on the architecture of your website, the categories and the products.

In addition, creating a blog is in most cases an excellent opportunity to create informational content with which to convince the user and take them to the product file where they can make the sale.


In addition, a blog is important for several reasons:

  • It will keep your website updated in the event that your online store does not have a high turnover of products.
  • It allows you to reach a more or less qualified audience that depends on the intention we can take to the sales tab
  • It allows the internal linking of the web to work very well

UX(Web Usability)

At this point it is something that is taken for granted, but it never hurts to remember it because of how vital it is. Your online site must be displayed correctly from any device with internet access .

Usability is fundamental, if the user who accesses your website is not comfortable on your website, it is slow, it is not responsive and you are not able to take it to success

Analyze the competition and see how it is doing.


Do you have traffic in your ecommerce but you do not convert? So the problem is in the conversion. Your website does not sell because you do not have optimized texts, the buttons are not in the right places, the colors of your website or typography are not adequate, the ux is bad, etc…

Always put yourself in the user’s shoes. Would you buy what you are seeing? Why are you not convinced by the page you see?

What you do not measure does not exist. This is the problem when creating a web page, we think it is the most beautiful in the world and it may be that people do not click where we want. Why do you want me to be pretty then? The public arrives but leaves.

The solution is simple, use web analytics programs and heat maps like Hotjar and Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to include in your online store a code that allows you to measure what the user has visited, I count time, ages, devices since he goes to your store, but it allows you much more like creating events and objectives, view the pages with the most visits.

All this is essential to know what you have to do. If a product does not have visits, you have to take action.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is another free Google tool that gives you the possibility to see the performance of your website as well as errors and failures of your online project

When online stores are created, it is normal for reviews to be created that include structured data, Google Search Console ensures that there are no errors and if it detects them, you have to fix them.

It is an essential tool if you want the performance of your website to be very good and is the best tips to succeed with your online store.

Reviews and testimonials

Reviews and testimonials on the web are essential to build trust. Everyone looks at reviews before buying, if you don’t include them you will be losing sales.


Including videos within the products is something that will allow the clicks on the buy button to skyrocket. Think that if a user has doubts when buying, a short video showing the product can make the user decide.

In addition, creating tutorial videos within blog articles can help you better convince a doubtful user by taking them to the product page and finally convincing them.

In addition, more and more videos occupy the first results in Google, you can create a YouTube channel that will enhance the brand of your online store

Creating videos in your store will serve you not only to embed the video uploaded to the file of each product or blog article, it can also make you appear on Google, multiplying the chances that the customer will buy.


There are sectors where images are very necessary. Images like videos give confidence. If you use them on the tabs, the hesitant buyer will put the product in the cart sooner if you show it several images.

Also, if the image is striking and better than the competition, it will stand out when someone searches for the product on Google images. If the reader clicks, he will go to the product page, you will be earning another sale.

Make advertising campaigns

SEO is a medium/long-term strategy, email Marketing is another technique that consists of capturing subscribers in order to segment by tastes and send massive emails broken down by interests. While these Marketing strategies work, it is very good to invest in advertising campaigns.

Carrying out small Google Ads (SEM) or Facebook Ads campaigns that are well segmented by interests will help you attract potential buyers of your products.

This advertising strategy can be used in conjunction with SEO and email marketing as the project progresses, the more you open up the possibilities the better and if you appear on the first page of Google thanks to SEO and SEM, you will be doubling the chances of them clicking on your result.

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