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Influencer marketing for small businesses in 2022

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Influencer marketing for small businesses in 2022

When you create an online business, everything you do should be designed so that the product reaches new customers but without neglecting and retaining the ones you already have and trust you.

Influencer Marketing is one of the best ways to reach the maximum number of people, making the product, service or personal or business brand multiply in diffusion and profits.

Having a good idea is no guarantee of success , this is not something new that has come with the Internet age.

Having a good idea only means that you have found the entrance to a good path, but you must walk in the right way, in the right direction and not get lost or distracted if you want to reach the goal you have set for yourself.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer  marketing ( influence marketing) consists of increasing the diffusion of the products or services of a certain business through people with a great capacity to influence.

We must always carry out this strategy within our business plan to achieve the maximum possible dissemination of the business and personal brand .

Broadly speaking, it is understood that an influencer or influential person is one who has the ability to communicate and generate trust in the user.

In the digital age where influencers are so fashionable, using Influencer Marketing is almost a must for small businesses that want to grow even outperform higher level competitors.

The promotion of products carried out by celebrities is associated with the popularity and recognition of a person with a particular brand.

The goal of celebrity campaigns is to capture the attention of a wide audience, rather than targeting a specific niche, and this isn’t always best as you’ll see a little further down in a video.

Benefits of using influencer marketing

There are many advantages of using Marketing with influencers since it is an advertising system that is generated through people with significant weight on the internet, celebrities are a good example of guaranteed successful investment.

Let’s see the advantages of using Marketing with influencers:

Advertise your brand

Giving publicity to your brand is essential to take advantage of it, and so that other people come to value it and trust you and your business.

No matter what kind of business we’re talking about, everyone needs to make themselves known in some way.

What has indeed changed with the arrival and massive use of the Internet and social networks is the way of advertising. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or the new Tik Tok, allow you to reach customers or users in a closer and less aggressive way.

TV commercials or highway billboards are often too intrusive and create rejection rather than desire to purchase a product or try a service.

influencer marketing

A technique that can be used to avoid generating this negative effect is to use the services of an influencer. In other words, from a person who has a large community that follows her, thousands and thousands of fans who are waiting for her advice or trying to be inspired by her way of life.

In addition, we will be able to explain its characteristics in a natural way and even demonstrate that what is said is true.

On the other hand, this type of marketing will cause more traffic on the web and will allow greater interaction with customers, since there are hardly any barriers between the brand and the users.

In fact, we must not forget that the influencer is also a user, and if he likes the product or service, he will begin to use it and talk about it without receiving anything in return.

Without a doubt, influencer marketing is a way to earn money online

A new advertising strategy

Whether with this or other online marketing techniques, advertising through fashion networks generally improves confidence in our products since it is a more natural approach.

We can also take the opportunity to make online offers, gifts or raffles, which increases our visibility and improves our reputation, provided of course that we do everything within the legality and good practice.

Before reaching the step of selling or promoting ourselves through these means, we must have our image and content well refined, and our strategy well thought out.

The first impression is not everything, but when everything depends on a click, we must try to do everything possible to make it happen.

To have a good logo you have to turn to professionals who are dedicated to it.

Almost everything is already studied, so it is not worth experimenting without having the knowledge.

we cannot launch ourselves into building a logo and a brand identity without knowing anything about graphic design or marketing.


In these times there is overinformation about almost everything, and a lot of offer of everything. Therefore, we will achieve success if we know how to differentiate ourselves, if we are not arrogant and if we do not saturate people with our brand.

Another marketing technique that we can use and that combines online with physical is merchandising.

Producing thermos or cloth bags with our logo and some illustration or message is good for our positioning.

It increases our visibility and provides something useful. And while merchandising products are used in the physical world, the path to obtaining them is often online.

At this point we can also use influencers, hold raffles, sell them on our website, join forces with other brands or establishments to sell them, etc.

In summary, everything we do must be designed so that our product reaches new customers, without neglecting the loyalty of those we already have and who trust us.

That is why you always have to have a very clear marketing strategy. The time invested in it is not lost and will pay off later.

How to do influencer marketing

Let’s look at the different parts of the process.

Initial approach

The initial approach serves to know how you are going to develop the strategy.

To motivate people to take people to an event, for example, you will need other types of more complex actions than getting likes on networks or shares.

Design the campaign and search for Influencers

To do this you have to know the investment you have, many influencer marketing campaigns fail due to not having budgeted the actions well and time is important since the long-term strategy can be more interesting and profitable.


Content creation

The next step will be the message that you want to communicate with the influencers.

Naturalness is important to generate trust and a good influencer campaign will bear fruit if it combines fame, naturalness and trust.

run the campaign

The creation and execution of the campaign is vital and above all the measurement.

Analytics is very necessary if we want to take the right actions:

  • Website visits
  • Sales increase
  • Publication reach
  • Likes, comments and shares on social networks
  • Increased brand reputation
  • ….

If after carrying out the campaign it has not worked as you wanted, do not worry. You have learned and taken very interesting analysis data for future actions.


So far the post on Marketing with influencers for small businesses.

successful entrepreneur

7 Qualities of a successful Entrepreneur 2022

7 Qualities of a successful Entrepreneur 2022 626 313

If you are reading this article, it is because you are thinking of starting a business or you have just done it and you need to know what qualities are needed to be a successful entrepreneur .

I’ll give you the answer, to become a successful entrepreneur, you need to do two things very well: work very hard and have patience.

They say that an entrepreneur is born or made . If I tell you my experience, I have never had that concern or an entrepreneurial mentality, but after working as an employee I have realized the advantages and personal benefits that being the owner of my time and the management of my job.

For this reason I want to explain to you the  qualities of a successful entrepreneur in the online world from my learning and my goal is that it can serve you so as not to make mistakes on your way.

What characteristics do you need to become a great entrepreneur?

The first advice I can give you is not to think that everything has to go through your hands if you are going to become an entrepreneur, this is the first mistake made by a person who decides to work on their own.

My advice is to delegate tasks and focus on doing what you are good at from the start, after all, focusing on what you know how to do is going to be what will generate income for you

For this reason, whenever you can, try to delegate administrative tasks. For this, you have companies that are going to be able to take all that paperwork off you, in this way you will save time and headaches.

Once you have understood that you will always need other people for you and your business to grow, I am going to give you the 7 qualities that a successful entrepreneur must have

Professional qualities of a successful entrepreneur

You are going to see 7 conditions or qualities that you need to be a good entrepreneur and make a living from your business.

Whether you are a young person wanting to start on your own or an older person who wants to enter the world of entrepreneurship, these tips will help you.

You have to keep in mind that the path of the entrepreneur is usually done , you have to go through many phases that inevitably no matter how much you read or follow advice you will have to go through yourself. Only then will you find the destination you want to achieve.

However, the process becomes much shorter through books like this or following advice from professionals who have already been through this.

To be a good entrepreneur you need:

1. Optimism

It may seem like a somewhat basic piece of advice, but I assure you that if from the first moment you are not clear that everything you are going to do is going to turn out well and if you do not trust yourself, that project will probably not advance. Why do I say progress and not failure?

Because if a profitable business is done with work and optimism and despite this the results are not achieved, it is not a failure at all. You have to think about everything you have learned during that process, it will allow you to create another project knowing the mistakes that you no longer have to make, everything is learning and experience.

I tell you this because all of us who ended up achieving our goals have had setbacks and all the great entrepreneurs you see today like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos or Amancio Ortega have gotten to where they are because they have previously stumbled and made their mistakes the best way to undertake with a base of success.

What you do have to be clear about is that when you focus on an objective, it ends up being achieved

2. Effort

No matter how much you fulfill the previous point, if you do not make an effort you will not be able to make your business your livelihood, this point is an essential quality of an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship costs a lot of effort, many hours of work and many worries.

At the beginning everything is new and unknown and the problems are usually personal but over time, if you grow, your mind will be on the clients, and this, if you are a responsible person, you will want to do the best job.

Getting to get the first clients requires effort, when you start a project you need to work hard to achieve results. The same thing happens in the online world.

People tend to think that money is generated faster by being on the internet, and this is not the case. It is true that the internet gives many more options to earn money , but for this you have to work hard creating a solid base. From there the possibilities are endless.

If you also know that there is national and regional aid for entrepreneurs both to create physical and online businesses, optimism and effort will skyrocket. Inform yourself in your locality because many times we are unaware of the aid or subsidies that exist to start on your own.

3. Patience

I put it at the beginning of the post, it is one of the pillars of entrepreneurship.

When you create a physical business you have to pay for premises, buy stock or furniture, for taxes, repairs and supply expenses. The benefits take time to arrive and when everyone starts a business, they usually know it, but not everyone can endure it. The internet patience is as a general rule even less.

When you start an online business you have more advantages than when you start a physical business. The expenses are minimal if you have the option of being able to  work from home and save all those costs of local furniture etc… you will play with a much higher profit margin but despite what many people believe, it is not easy at all.

There are many websites that end up leaving before the end of the year because they do not have this patience that we are talking about and it is precisely after a year when the benefits, as a general rule, end up being produced.

In an online business with these three points that we have just seen, I assure you that the results come, but there are still more points.

4. Strategy

Every business needs a strategy and this is a basic entrepreneurial quality. You need to measure everything, make decisions and find the best way to earn income.

It is normal for several strategies to fail, although as I explained in point 1, the word failure should not be used because thanks to the wrong paths your line of business will find the right destination.

5. Fellowship

I also mentioned at the beginning how important it is that you delegate and relate to people in your sector.

Relating personally and professionally will allow you not only to obtain economic benefits , but also achieve many more objectives, collaborations and work than you think.

Being a good partner is an important quality that a successful entrepreneur must have. Do not take your competition as your enemy, consider it as a source to create alliances that can benefit both businesses.

If you work with that premise, your business and that of your “competition” will surely grow and that, despite what you think in some sectors, can be very beneficial. Although everything is invented, there is work for everyone who believes, trusts and uses effort for it.

6. Nonconformity

If you always do the same thing, you will always have the same results. This is a truth like a temple, everything evolves very fast, you need to adapt to the needs of today’s user and it is your obligation to see your real needs.

Where do you want to go? How much do you want to earn at the end of the month? How many hours do you want to work? When do you think you will be happy?

All these questions arise when you are an entrepreneur. When you start and you do not have benefits, you seek to get the first income, and when you reach economic stability, you realize that it may not be the ultimate goal of your happiness as a company.

You need to visualize how you want to be in a few years

7. Planning and organization

It is inevitable that when a project grows certain burdens and stress enter. It is for this reason that in the beginning I recommend delegating tasks such as administration.

In the same way we cannot know everything or cover all the themes or sectors. It is necessary to put various services in the hands of other colleagues or professionals. This is key for a company to grow and essential to offer the best results to a potential client.

Time is our most precious asset and a successful entrepreneur knows this very well. It is very easy for a person who owns your business to work at night, on weekends, or have a lack of control at bedtime.

trade marketing

What is Trade Marketing, what are its objectives and how can you apply it to your business

What is Trade Marketing, what are its objectives and how can you apply it to your business 800 480

There are companies that do not have their own place of direct sale to the public for their products. Currently, they can use Trade Marketing , a strategy with which a business can offer its products at different points of sale that act as authentic showcases for its brand.

The fact of giving a product greater visibility, to reach more potential customers and thus increase their demand, can be very complicated if our distributors do not have a Marketing plan to help them. But don’t worry, there is a solution in this case.

And that solution is to use Trade Marketing. For this reason, today I want to talk to you about its meaning, what its objectives are and I will show how you can implement this strategy step by step in your organization. Go for it!

What is Trade Marketing?

Trade  Marketing (or Marketing in distribution channels) is a technique based on optimizing the strategic exposure of products at the point of sale, with the aim of increasing demand by improving the shopping experience.

These strategies and actions have a necessarily dual approach, since we must include both distributors (B2B) and retailers (B2C) in them, because both are an essential part of our sales channel in their context and are responsible for direct contact between the product and the consumer.

The placement of products in strategic places aims to generate an impact on consumer perception, increasing their visibility and sales. In this way, customers can see them in an attractive way that invites them, in some way, to buy them.

But, the true main objective of Trade Marketing should be to improve the customer’s shopping experience, to promote and encourage the consumption of products throughout the distribution and sales chain .

This is done through different actions and marketing strategies that make the point of sale more attractive.

What are the objectives of a Trade Marketing strategy?

As I have told you before, the main objective of Trade Marketing is to increase consumer demand. In order to achieve it, there are several key points that must be covered thanks to this technique.

1. Strengthen the brand

When you have control of the impact that your product has on the customer who discovers it, it is easy for you to improve their perception of your brand . The right image in the eyes of the client makes you connect with him , and this strengthens the relationship.

Therefore, when you present your product in a striking and innovative way, you create a memory in the customer’s mind that positions you in their preferences, above the competition. You have to be in the right place and formats, especially if you share the same space with your competitors in the sales channel.

2. Choose the right channel

Choose well where your products will be. Choosing the right channel to sell them is part of the Trade Marketing strategy . Study carefully what type of channel your potential customers prefer, since it does not matter how visible you are at a point of sale if it is not the right channel.

Sometimes, it will even be necessary to train the staff at the point of sale with information, technical characteristics and advantages of your product, so that the customer chooses you in their purchase decision.

3. Gain visibility and exposure

You can do this through the use of merchandising , or additional branding material. Samples also work very well. The point is to make a difference with respect to your competitors at the point of sale.

Within that space that you share with your competition, the exact place where your products are also influences the purchase choice of consumers; so, try to take care of all the details so that the client gets a good impression of your brand .

This is achieved by negotiating the location with the point of sale, obtaining second locations and ensuring the presence of your brand on the shelf.

4. Plan promotions and offers

Along with good visibility material, promotions are good examples of Trade Marketing because they increase the customer’s interest in the product and contribute to its rotation.

Designing these offers in detail, and ensuring that they are carried out at the point of sale, is another of the objectives of this strategy.

5. Improve product turnover

The consequence of achieving the three previous objectives is to improve the rotation of the product in the sales channels. If this happens, it increases the demand from the retailer, who wants more of your brand because it is successful with customers at the point of sale.

Distributors receive more orders and, consequently, they order more products from you, making all the actors in the chain win.

6. Insure the shares negotiated in the sales channel

As in many other disciplines, consistency is the key to success, and when a company does not have its own distribution channel, it is quite difficult to control that the actions you have negotiated are carried out as you have planned.

For this reason, another of the objectives of the Trade is to ensure that all those creative marketing actions that you have prepared for the sales channel are carried out just as you have designed . Making the point of sale understand that the rotation of your product is a benefit for both parties, helps everything go according to plan.

How is a Trade Marketing strategy applied?

When implementing a Trade strategy, you must bear in mind that the main objective is to increase product demand at all stages of the distribution chain; so you must take great care of the final consumer, who is responsible for the increase in demand from intermediaries.

recommend you follow the following steps when you are going to apply this strategy:

1. Research the competition

If you are new to Trade Marketing, it will be useful to do some preliminary research to know what the competition is doing, and if their strategies have an impact on consumer demand.

Knowing the strategies of your competitors will give you ideas to be successful at the moment you decide to implement your strategy, and will help you anticipate possible problems that may arise later.

2. Prepare the infrastructure

You may need a tool to collect data from different points of sale and keep track of all of them, although you can also do it manually.

The tool you choose will facilitate communication with the rest of the team , it will help you obtain reports, as well as monitor the status of the product at the points of sale.

Once you already have a Trade Marketing technology, you implement it in your company giving access to employees. You must register the members of your team, the different points of sale, both offline and online, and your product portfolio.

3. Design a Trade Marketing action plan

When you have entered all the data in the tool, you have to define what information your work team is going to collect . This is done through survey forms, in which the field team collects information on the price of the product, its status, its visibility, the competition, etc.

This phase is key to success in Trade Marketing, since all the information collected will be used to determine the actions, promotions or merchandising that you will apply at the point of sale and that will help you increase consumer demand.

You can also divide the team based on the different types of products you have, the geographical areas or the type of point of sale. This will help you analyze smaller segments and be able to jump into action more easily.

4. Materialize your action plan

Once you know what aspects of the point of sale you are going to study, you have to prepare your team. For that, you have to think of the best itineraries so that the team knows when, how and where to go.

You must also program the activities that must be carried out at the point of sale , setting the objectives to be achieved.

For example, imagine that you have a brand of energy drinks and you are defining the objectives of your team to improve the state of the product at a point of sale.

A good objective for a point of sale for the hotel industry, for example, may be to improve visibility by placing a display, or to ensure that the product is included in the menu.

5. Train your team

Having all the information in an app or tool can be a challenge for some members of your team if they do not know how to use it well. For this reason, it is convenient that you do one or several training sessions explaining how to use the tool and what objectives you intend to achieve with the strategy.

You will be able to show them examples of how the product should be at a point of sale to increase demand, and explain to them where their objectives come from. You can also form a back office team, who are in charge of processing the information that comes out of the team that is on the street.

6. Keep track of operations

You must be attentive to the development of the entire action plan , seeing which objectives take longer to meet and why, modifying the itineraries, if necessary, and even retraining your team.

It is important to be in constant communication with them, monitor stock breakage and propose alternatives for any unforeseen event that may arise.

7. Evaluate the strategy

As a last step, you should check the effectiveness of the strategy. Evaluating your Trade strategy involves seeing if the state of the product at the point of sale has affected the demand of the final consumer.

If you have executed the strategy properly, you will be able to see first-hand how it has helped you increase sales and improve your brand image.

market study

What is it and how to do a market study for my business step by step?

What is it and how to do a market study for my business step by step? 653 339

Do you know what it is and, above all, how to do a market study for your project or enterprise? In the business world, exhaustive analyzes are rarely carried out to learn a little more in detail about everything that surrounds a brand, product or service (both before its launch and after).

Currently, for example, there are still many projects that are launched without prior investigation of their viability in the market . And, by not carrying out that initial step, many brands fail in their attempt to make a dent in their eCommerce or business in a specific commercial sector or niche.

For this reason, today I have decided to share with you this complete guide, where I will reveal each and every one of the steps to follow to carry out a market study . Although first, as usual, we will start by analyzing the definition of this topic and its business benefits.

What is market research?

market study is an investigation that is carried out in various industries to better understand the commercial perspectives before the launch of a brand, product or service, with the aim of trying to recognize the potential responses of customers and the competition towards them. .

In this business document we seek to collect a complete and exhaustive investigation, which seeks to provide us with data to be able to anticipate the feedback that the market will not give, mainly, the potential clients of the Brand and the different competitors in the sector.

All this, in short, referring to the services that this organization offers or the products that it is going to sell. And, thus, knowing which are the ones that, hypothetically, will have the greatest impact on potential clients. In the same way, this market study will give us qualitative data to be more competitive.

What is a market study for?

Once we have understood what a market study is and, before knowing how to carry it out step by step, we need to emphasize its uses.

For this reason, you should know that, by preparing this document, we will be able to intuit with greater precision the virtual evolution in the short, medium and long term of our brand, service or product:

Anticipate market viability:

One of the main data that this type of study can provide is that of the potential profitability that the business can obtain, as well as the possibility of predicting the risks that it will have to assume. In addition, it allows us to discover the preferences, objections and some trends that our potential customers will opt for.

Know the competition better:

This market study also helps us to reveal the future steps that, in theory, our competitors could take within that niche, based on the past evolution of their respective businesses.

In addition, the study of our potential competition, in this case, mainly helps us to recognize improvements in the different production and sales processes (characteristics of the product or service, quality, price and distribution methods thereof, among many other issues) .

Improve the scope of Marketing actions:

For a Digital and Offline Marketing plan to work properly, there is nothing better than having data and statistics on the purchasing habits of our target audience and, in addition, having knowledge of some of the strategies that our competitors are already implementing.

Benefits of completing the market study for your business

You may have the idea that a market study is a document only for very large companies and markets.

This is a mistake, because all companies and businesses are competing on the same playing field ; and an analysis of this caliber helps you to know the rules of that game.

I am going to show you, therefore, the benefits or advantages that you obtain when you dedicate part of your time to creating your own:

» You know your target audience better

With regard to the topic of the Buyer Persona or, more generically, your target audience, I am referring to their purchasing behavior regarding your products and/or services.

With a market study you can better understand the needs of your potential customers.

This will help you a lot to create your own database, which you can segment in a very simple way every time you launch a new strategy or Marketing Plan , for example.

» You can anticipate changes

A study of this type helps you to know the trends of the sector in which you have your business, being able to anticipate what is to come.

This gives you a competitive advantage that consumers value very positively, as well as a margin of maneuver that allows you to put “preventive” and not “corrective” measures.

» You know your competition

Competitors are as important, if not more so, than your own potential customers. And it is essential that you know them well, as it will help you measure your target market and you will be more competitive.

» You discover new market niches

It allows you to have a deep knowledge of your sector and, more specifically, of the specific market niche you are targeting with your project, which is provided by this analysis that I am proposing today, it opens up new horizons of action where you can diversify your business.

You already know how good a market study is. In the next section I will show you how you can do it in a simple way.

» You can design product strategies

Creating and modifying your strategies as you see fit in each case allows you to price and define your campaigns much more precisely , thus increasing your chances of success.

It also helps you make the best decisions every time you consider making a new release.

Designing a product launch strategy can be very expensive if it fails; On the other hand, with a good market study you minimize the level of risk considerably.

How to do a market study in 3 steps?

A market study is based on the collection of information that you must then order to make the appropriate decisions.

There are many ways to capture the important information with which you can build the final document.

It is good that you establish an order in the achievement of the tasks that lead you to develop your market study.

1) Define the objectives

 Every market study begins with a first step, that is, start any work methodology that you are going to use, being clear about why and what we are doing it for.

Being clear about your quantitative and qualitative objectives will help you better plan the way in which the different steps should be approached and the most appropriate methodology for each one of them.

What do you need to know? After defining the problem and setting the objectives of the analysis, specify and limit the information that you really need to obtain, so as not to get lost in a great tide of data and irrelevant statistics.

2) Collect market information

Information is power, and everything you can know about the progress of your sector will help you better understand the market study, and where you should go.

Therefore, use all the means you have at your disposal to analyze in depth how the sector in which you work is doing:

• Visit the web pages of all official entities that provide you with relevant information

The Chambers of Commerce, business associations or the Ministry of your Autonomous Community can give you a broad view of the situation of the sector in your geographical area.

In the event that your business is not geographically limited, analyze the global economic situation , as well as all the relevant details that you must take into account within your sector.

• Make a list with all the congresses organized by the sector

Try to attend at least a couple of fairs and events , to learn more about aspects that may not be published on any website, however relevant it may be.

• Locate all the specialized publications of your industry

• Interview with industry experts

A good way to know the situation of the sector in which your business is located is by listening to the opinions of the experts.

For example, organize a meeting with a manufacturer in your sector and let him tell you his vision of it.

All this information you get from your sector helps you understand what the trends are and how you can stay ahead of what’s new. In this way, you avoid receiving an unpleasant surprise that, if you do not anticipate it in time, can cause you to lose market share.

3) Observe consumers, define the target audience

This is the most important market research step of all . It does not mean that the rest are not necessary, but you should pay special attention to the information you collect from users.

Use different research sources to collect information:

• Direct observation

If you need to have your business in a physical location, then you should observe the behavior of consumers in locations similar to yours, or the one you want to acquire in case you are thinking of setting up your business.

Analyze the amount of traffic of people that pass through the area, the hours, the type of clients that enter the premises similar to yours , their age, their sociocultural and economic level, etc.

And if you are doing a market study for your business because you plan to incorporate a new product, do this exercise in your own place.

• Research in social networks

Ordinary users are usually very honest when it comes to evaluating a product or service on the Internet. Observe and analyze the opinion they have of both your competition and your own business.

Take advantage of communication in the main social networks , to ask what they think about your product, what they would change, how they value the incorporation of a certain service, etc.

• The polls

An essential in any analysis of this caliber: a survey is the best tool to validate any launch of a new product, service or even a business.

They help you to have a real and updated image of the perception that people have about your idea, product or service.

Although you can also take advantage of its potential to research prices , analyze your competition or assess whether your marketing plan is adequate.

strategic plan of a company

What is the Strategic Plan of a company and how to do it step by step?

What is the Strategic Plan of a company and how to do it step by step? 1052 684

Do you already have a Strategic Plan for your company? Do you know what it is exactly? Be that as it may, thanks to this set of business techniques, you will be able to make the best possible decisions to give your Brand a correct course and in accordance with your business objectives.

And it is that, within the lines of action of a business, there are times that we get lost in a sea of ​​technicalities or trying to put too complex techniques into practice, which not only do not bring us closer to said corporate objectives, but also make us diverge more and more from them.

For this reason, today I invite you to create your own Strategic Company Plan , with which you will plan all the actions to be done and, in addition, transmit them to your team in an efficient way and make them sink in. But, I’ll start by offering you its definition, in case you still don’t know what I’m talking about:

What is the Strategic Plan of a company and what is it for?

This strategic plan will allow you to clearly define each and every one of the Business’s objectives and pave the way towards being able to achieve Your goals .

But, do not pave the way in any way: we must spend the least amount of time and money along that path, that is, this Strategic Plan will make our project as profitable as possible.

In addition, it will help you coordinate in an orderly manner, together with your work team, all the main ideas that should drive efficient day-to-day actions, allowing you, why not, to better understand the nature and direction of your business.

And last but not least, you will be able to get to know your competition better , being able, thanks to all of the above, to achieve the success you dreamed of, according to the aforementioned objectives.

Why should I prepare a Strategic Plan if I have a company?

It is essential that you keep in mind the objectives you want to achieve with your company and what actions you are going to carry out to achieve it.

The best way to know them and control compliance is in the Strategic Plan.

This roadmap in which you are going to describe in detail everything you want to achieve and how you are going to work to achieve it, is the fundamental pillar that gives your company all the meaning.

In addition to the peace of mind that knowing what you have to do at all times gives you, the Strategic Plan gives you all these benefits:

  1. The company always goes in the same direction, something that helps a lot to achieve the objectives set.
  2. You learn to know yourself better. You will have maximum control over your strengths, that is, what you know how to do perfectly; and you will also be able to measure the threats, that is, everything you need to improve your quality.
  3. You make better decisions. The Strategic Plan obliges you to carry out follow-up controls, both of the strategy and of the objectives set. This helps you to check that you are doing things right; or else rectify in time by identifying the problem very precisely.
  4. All the people who are part of the company feel more committed. And it is that thanks to the Strategic Plan, employees know the importance of their job at a global level, something that helps them feel more valued.

In addition, as they also know the path that the company will follow to achieve its objectives, they will feel happier. And, therefore, your work performance will be optimal.

Next, I am going to teach you how to make a Strategic Plan in detail, so take note!

How to make a Strategic Plan of a company in four simple steps?

Planning of this type is a very simple process; You must analyze the current situation, both inside and outside your company, in order to determine the objectives and design the strategies that will help you achieve them.

Once the entire process has been analyzed and defined, you only have to prepare the Action Plan , that roadmap that will make your company work perfectly, and where there is only room for success.

Let’s see how you can create your own Strategic Plan in 4 steps.

1) First step: define the purpose of your company

Before starting to analyze anything, you must be clear about why and for what you have created your company; It is the only way to be able to define the path you must follow to reach the goal you set for yourself.

To do this, you must have very well defined foundations that define the purpose of your company:


This is the reason for your company, the reason and why you have decided to create your little empire.

You have to answer the question of how do you help improve the lives of others?

That is, why did you open your company? What is the main reason that led you to open it?


With the vision you must be clear about where you are going and what you want to achieve.

> Values

Values ​​are the ethical code of your company. They should reflect the red lines that you are not willing to cross, as well as everything that is allowed and that will help you fulfill your purpose.

In addition, the definition of the values ​​must coincide with what others say about you.

And when I say “others”, I mean your employees, your customers, your suppliers and even your competitors.

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2) Do the internal and external analysis of the current business situation

This is the most important and objective step that you must do during the process of developing your Strategic Plan.

And you have to know where your company is and how you got here.

And you must also know your company’s environment : know how it relates to it and how foreign relations affect it, both with agents close to it such as client, suppliers and competitors.

In order to carry out these two analyses, internal and external, you can use a series of tools that will help you obtain a better and more realistic view of the situation.

I’m going to teach you the tools you need to do this analysis of the current situation.

> Internal analisis

The preparation of this analysis should lead you to know the basic elements of your company, such as the organizational chart, the status of the website.

In addition, you must accompany this step with a financial analysis that gives you back the reality of the situation.

To do this, you need to have a “P&L” (profit and loss account) handy next to the balance sheet.

Once you have all this data extracted, it is time to see the first results.

You will get to know the areas of the company that you manage perfectly and also those that you are not so good at.

That is, this internal analysis helps you to know your strengths and weaknesses .

And with this information you can start designing the first strategies that reinforce your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses.

3)Design of strategies

Without losing sight of everything you have analyzed so far, you must define the objectives you want, maintaining consistency with the Mission, Vision and Values ​​that you designed in the first step.

› Define your objectives following the SMART methodology

This is nothing more than a kind of guide that will help you define your SMART goals based on 5 characteristics that they must meet:

  • S (specific): you have to be specific and specify what you want to achieve.
  • M (measurable): indicate how you can measure their follow-up.
  • A (attainable): It is very important that it is an achievable goal.
  • R (relevant): do not lose focus and design results-oriented objectives.
  • T (timely): set a time limit to get it.

The 4 strategic orientations

The combination of the four variables of the SWOT gives rise to the 4 strategic orientations that will help you in the elaboration of your own strategies:

  • Defensive strategies: they arise with the combination of Threats and Strengths and their objective is to prevent the current situation from getting worse.
  • Offensive strategies: they are the result of combining Strengths and Opportunities. His mission is to improve the current situation of the company.
  • Survival strategies: they appear after combining the Weaknesses and Threats and must eliminate all the negative aspects that harm the company.
  • Reorientative strategies: joining the Weaknesses and Opportunities, we have this result whose objective is the transformation of the current situation eliminating the Weaknesses of the company and creating new Strengths.

4) Fourth step: launch and follow-up control of the Strategic Plan

Without forgetting the four characteristics that the Strategic Plan must have: Quantitative, Personalized, Descriptive and Temporary, in this fourth and last phase of its elaboration, you have to create the Action Plan that begins its execution.

To do this, you have to divide the strategies into small tactics that lead to very short-term objectives; some will even be daily goals.

seo strategy in digital marketing

How can SEO lead a well-built digital strategy?

How can SEO lead a well-built digital strategy? 800 445

SEO strategy in digital marketing. How can SEO lead a well built digital strategy?

To have the desired development and achieve its objectives, any company, regardless of its size, must have a good digital strategy. Therefore, you must have an optimized website. And you must know that this necessarily involves natural referencing.

The latter is the only way that can guarantee you greater visibility on the web as well as proximity to customers. Unfortunately, we see that some players still continue to underestimate this technique. It is certainly due to ignorance. We show you in this article the importance of SEO for a good optimization of your digital communication.

SEO makes it possible to be more visible on the web

As the internet is a vast market offering many opportunities, it has become necessary to integrate a digital strategy into its communication. And who says digital strategy obviously means creating a website . This is when SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), commonly known as natural referencing , will be of great help to you. This is a set of techniques that, once well composed, allow your site to position on the first page of search engines.(SERP). You will thus be known by many people. Indeed, when Internet users launch a search related to your activity, it is your site that Google will offer them in first position. And according to statistics, more than 70% of clicks go to the first three results of Google. This is a great asset to increase your audience, especially when you consider that the Google search engine receives more than 3.3 billion daily visits .

SEO makes it possible to have more customers

The top priority of any entrepreneur is to look for methods that can allow him to expand his client portfolio . One thing that he can achieve very easily with SEO through the agency ! Indeed, with good visibility, you will easily attract new prospects . It will then be easy for you to convert these prospects into customers.

SEO allows you to be known on social networks

It’s no longer a secret: social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are nowadays the most visited platforms on the web. There are thousands and millions of subscribers (teenagers as well as adults) who are connected every day. A company that wants to become popular must also be present on social networks. But, it is not enough to have an account on these sites to be known. You need a good SEO strategy to become famous on social media. On Facebook for example, you must be very active, respond quickly to private messages and above all popularize your page.

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SEO allows you to increase your turnover

Do you have great visibility on the web? Have you been able to transform your visitors into potential customers? It is clear that this will have a positive impact on your turnover . Note that many companies generate more than half of their turnover solely through SEO. Thanks to natural referencing, your business will therefore have great prosperity . A development that entrepreneurs who have not been able to integrate SEO into their business strategy will not have!

Seo allows you to Drive Traffic to Your Website

If you are starting a business then you must have website to build your business. Once you have a website you have to do seo for it so that your website will rank on top and you will get more visibility and traffic to website. Once you rank on top then people will easily find you and click your page by which your brand awareness grows.

Seo allows to build trust

When you are ranking top in search results then you will get more clicks and search engine considers you as a genuine content provider. It helps in building trust and getting backlinks to your site from other developed sites. It is not an easy task to rank top it takes time and effort. You have to wait and work on it. It will build you brand authority and make you more visible on the internet.

SEO allows More High Converting Traffic

Seo helps your business grow and make visible for more and more people. You just have work hard on optimizing your site then your site will grow when people trust you and increase sales. Seo helps achieve goals when done right.


Here is the article on seo which requires time, effort and proper optimization to make your business grow. Once your brand grows and developed trust you will get more sales and clicks. Hope you liked the article.